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Coolers, badbeats, stupid plays!
  AleKSei, May 30 2007

I like my blog title, it says a lot of my current state in poker, this seem endless, i thought that things where changing but still continue with the shit.

Im gonna post some hands.

I like this part of the blog because it remembers me that im a idiot for not clicking the fold button even if i know im beat

Shortstacks owning me as always.

Typical KK vs AA

(note to self, please fold overpairs vs maniacs)

AA vs K7s Very very deep.

I like this section a lot, since it makes me tilt and do the next section of the blog(Stupid Plays!)

AK vs K7s again shortstack power!!!

AQ vs A7, shortstacking owns

Twopair vs TPMK

I particularly love this play favorite of yesterday session

Stupid plays wiii
I love to playing tilted hopefully this will be a lot more.

Pushing TP+FD against ZERO FE :D:D

Pushing AA on a QTJ flop :D:D

This one was decent though

Again stupid push.


No comment idiotic.

Thanks readers, hopefully i can get better as a poker player and not tilt and do stupid plays

Thanks for the patience.

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End of may!
  AleKSei, May 28 2007

Well after a really though month this is effectively a break-even month, after more than 30k hands all can i say is thank god may ended, hopefully after i start vacations june will be a better month.

Here some stats

Whole may

Last 10 days


Full month

Last 10 days

Well thanks all readers for the support, especially myth who is my coach and he is really great.

Cya all next month

Edit i scored in the 100k freeroll in ps 130dlls for like 120place so that is why this is a breakeven month

edit 2 el oh el donkaments!

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Running bad :(
  AleKSei, May 23 2007

well after finally getting tired of losing im gonna start to whine(hence why using my blog ) i simply cannot win in may because of this sick bad run, here some hands. 85 vs 15 lose calls a 4bet with a6s -.- AKs vs 87o calls a 3bet with Q8o

According to the graph from the new PokerEV program i should be winning a lot more, but because of the bad run im losing.

This is really discouraging because i try my best and i cant just cant win no matter how good i play im getting really tired of this

cya next blog post hopefully it can be a better one.

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Cant win in may :(
  AleKSei, May 14 2007

Well aparently bad runs exist and im in a big one, people keep getting gutshots against my sets, AK vs twopair alot, Set over sets, Overpair vs sets all poker player nightmares. on the good side im getting fpp like crazy, probably will reach goldstar within two days, i really want an ipod video .

Hopefully at the end of the month this can shape up.

Thanks all readers.

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Loving may :)
  AleKSei, May 05 2007

Well this month has been pretty swingy so far, btw i moved all my roll to stars, since the UB changing the points system and screwing us Microstakes player.

Well down to the graph

Good luck al the lpers at the NL25 level in stars


I forgot a lot please forgive me


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  AleKSei, Apr 11 2007

Well my mother discovered partybingo, now im forced to stay away from the pc at least 4 hours a day, this is so EV-

On a side note:

Poker has been kinda slowinsh this past days, nothing much to comment, dont have that much motivation to play a lot and when i play i dont win alot so not very much poker.

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Coaching most EV+ ever
  AleKSei, Apr 02 2007

Since i started my lessons with myth my graph has catapulted, i really recommend taking lessons with him

Some stats here of the last 4 days of coaching.

Thanks Corwin and thanks lp for everything.

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I love UB :D:D:D:D
  AleKSei, Mar 03 2007

I really like UB tables, they are really confortable, i love the "bet pot" button, fast tables and really nice bonus.

Here are some stats.

Again thanks to everyone that has been giving me advice, especially baal

Cya another time

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Im up in a steady progress :)
  AleKSei, Feb 06 2007

hi there for those that you dont know me i started playing poker like 1 1/2 months ago serious, i have been can i say "tutored" by Baal and Capaneo, that are like my advisors in my poker "career".

I just started playing NL25, had some badbeats and tilted a bit and decided to go up until i have a 650~BR

Well here are some stats

Later i will update. thanks for reading.

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Update :)
  AleKSei, Jan 28 2007

Well i have been playing a lot longer sessions in the last days, also i started playing some SnG's on PS(i would like to thank oxy for his guide, has been really helpfull).

Also i started playing in PS, let me tell you that the players are good compared to the players on the prima network, they raise more often, they play tight, some even use position, so im having a little more hard time there than in the prima network.

Here are some stats

# of hands: 2558
Net profit: 19.45
VPIP%: 21.50

SnG Stats.

Absolute poker:50 SnG played

RoI: 87.32
Net: 18.25
Stakes: $1(1table, 2 tables, 3 tables)

Pokerstars 20 SnG Played

RoI: 43.69
Net: 21.65
Stakes: $1.2(5table) 3.4(1table)

I want to say thank you again to Baal, capaneo, and oxy. in no particular order because of your time and helpfull advice, thank you again.

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