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2-5 Live Tough Spot

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SaturdayZerg   Canada. Feb 18 2012 23:52. Posts 69

I made this a lot more complicated for myself than needed. I'd like advice for every street as played though.

2-5 live. Table just formed and I've opened twice already in the first 5 hands.
SB has $950
BB has $400
I cover both

Dealt Jh5h
Folded to me in cutoff
I raise to 20

SB and BB call

Flop: 9h6s3h
Checked to me
I bet 40
SB calls 40
BB raises to 140
I call 140 (??)
SB calls 140

Turn: 4h
SB checks
BB bets 100
I call 100 (??)
SB shoves 700
BB calls all in
I (??)

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wobbly_au   Australia. Feb 18 2012 23:56. Posts 6232


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TimDawg    United States. Feb 19 2012 01:06. Posts 9446

I would probably re raise the flop. Calling seems ok though. No way we ever consider folding the turn like wobbly said, snap

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SaturdayZerg   Canada. Feb 19 2012 01:12. Posts 69

What do you think about raising the turn to 500 or shoving first?

JohnnyBologna   United States. Feb 20 2012 04:25. Posts 1231

Your ahead of BB but SB has a flush, just dunno if its higher or lower than yours. Getting 250bbs in this spot seems so... I guess there are more smaller flushes than bigger flushes and that justifies the call if you got no reads on sb? i dislike raising turn cause BB is going to give you all his money anyway on river. raising only gets chases away worse hands in the sb.

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Twisted    Netherlands. Feb 20 2012 05:47. Posts 10382

  I guess there are more smaller flushes than bigger flushes and that justifies the call if you got no reads on sb?

lol there are way more bigger flushes than smaller flushes possible

anyway, obvious snapcall.

phexac   United States. Feb 25 2012 19:38. Posts 2562

snap you fingers, then snap call

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mnj   United States. Feb 25 2012 20:21. Posts 3799

live dynamic is really tight,

i still snap call turn, just no fist bump

YoMeR   United States. Feb 28 2012 14:40. Posts 12080

yea I'd prob get the sick feeling to my stomach. If I knew how tight/loose the sb was then i'd feel much better about this snap or fold but as a default we gotta start off by calling.

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