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PokerStars discontinues old software, players to be automatically updated to 7.0
Posted by Defrag, March 02
Almost a year ago we told you about completely new version of PokerStars software. Poker room already implemented a working version to the players some time ago, but left options open to the players: you could choose the 6.0 version and play unaffected by the change, or choose the new one.

However, the time has come and PokerStars decided to discount the older version of the software, as we can read "With over 450,000 players using PokerStars 7 daily, our new software is now fully released, and we are moving to the next stage, where everyone will be using PokerStars 7. At the next software update, our older version (PokerStars 6) will be discontinued."

If you are already using PokerStars 7, the only impact for you is that the 'Revert to PokerStars 6' option will be removed from ‘Settings’.
If not, please all players still running PokerStars 6 will automatically be upgraded to PokerStars 7 within few days.

Check this frequently Asked Questions about PokerStars 6 and this upgrade, prepared by the poker room:

Q: How can I get back to PokerStars 7 now to try it again?
A: From the menu at the top of your PokerStars 6 lobby, click ‘Upgrade to PokerStars 7’ on the right side of the menu bar. We recommend taking time now to get familiar with PokerStars 7 ...

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longple goes yolo around the world
Written by: longple, October 31
Courageous people feel the same fear everyone else does, they just decide not to live like they're afraid anymore - Bob Goff


Me and a friend had a conversation once under psychadelic circumstances and as we sat there takeing in our surroundings he turned to me and asked:
We all know whats right and wrong, and we all know what we should do to be happy and take care of ourself and others, why arent we doing that?

This is something ive kinda thought about for most of my life and more so since he layed it out to me that straight up. Its something i think everyone
is familiar with as a human being. The constant struggle between hope and fear where fear is holding us back. Many philosophical characters claims that
all fear roots back to the fear of death, more or less. Sam harris has a really good lecture on this.


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High Stakes Pro and Twitch.TV streamer, Jason Somerville, joins Team PokerStars Pro
by Defrag on February 28

Popular American poker professional Jason Somerville has joined Team PokerStars Pro, bringing his high-energy, intelligent and approachable brand of poker to the worl...

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Malta set to host the biggest European Poker Tournament in the history
by Defrag on February 26

The European Poker Tour (EPT) Malta Poker Festival is set to become the biggest event in the history of the Tour, with a record number of tournaments bei...

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One of Europes most famous casinos, Aviation Club de France, closed down
by Defrag on February 25

One of the most famous European casinos, Aviation Club de France located in Paris, is closing down permanently due to decision from local authorities which decided not...

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Sam Trickett crashed his $425,000 Ferrari
by Defrag on February 23

Sam Trickett, the highest earning player in the history from England and a runner up in a WOSP Big One for One Drop $1mln tournament crashed his Ferrari F458 worth around ...

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Seals with Clubs, biggest BitCoin poker room, closed down with immediate effect
by Defrag on February 20

The biggest Bitcoin poker site Seals with Clubs out of nowhere closed down all operations early Friday and asked players to withdraw all their funds as soon ...

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