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Doug "WCGRider" Polk going against No Limit Bot for $100,000
Posted by Defrag, April 26
This is a question being asked over and over again with computers becoming more powerful each day: can a computer bot beat a poker player? We already know that even the best human players can't compete against artificial intelligence in the game of chess, but what about more complex game of poker?

The challenge already started in Pittsburgh at 11am local time on Friday and will be running every day for eight hours until May 7th. The human team is being represented by online professional Doug ‘WCGRider’ Polk and his three colleagues. They will be going against ‘Claudico’, a computer program designed by a team at Carnegie Mellon University.

The results should be really interesting, as the game is heads up No Limit Hold’em challenge.
Last time scientists claimed another poker bot, ‘Cepheus’, could play perfect Limit Hold’em and beat or go even against any opponent over long periods of time. No Limit Hold'em is way more complex though.

There is also $100,000 on the lane, as Rivers Casino along with Microsoft put up that kind of price for a player that wins over the course of 80,000 hands against Claudico.

“It’s pretty cool to be at the cutting edge of technology like this”, said Polk. “I hope we can stand up for humanity and take this computer dow...

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Are Spin&Go'es beatable or not?
Written by: Defrag, April 13
Introduction to Spin&Go tournaments(skip that if you know how they work)
When Spin&Go tournaments were introduced there was an enormous migration of recreational players from normal Sit&go tournaments to Spin&go format - it's a perfect format to attract that kind of players.
If you don't know how they work - each tournament is 3-max, winner-take-all, hyper turbo Sit&go with a random prize pool. Buy-ins range from $1 to $60, and each tournament has a randomly drawn prize pool that will award between two and 3,000 times your buy-in. The highest multiplies are obviously super rare (1 of 100,000 for the 3,000xbuy-in, even the 240x multiplier have a chance of just 5 out of 100,000).

The games are insanely fast, give a thrill of emotion through the random prize pool and that's what recreational players were looking for. Jackpot was hit by PokerStars.

The migration of fish
With the introduction of Spin&Go most of the recreatio...

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Forum changes at LiquidPoker
by Defrag on April 24

Not that long ago we've added stream section to the site and made some other small tweaks and now we bring you yet another improvement to the site: we made significant...

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Russian player wins $1,000,000 in just 355 seconds
by Defrag on April 23

It too just 355 seconds - that's how long a $5 buy-in Spin&Go tournament with a $1,200,000 prize pool lasted.

Yesterday, on Wednesday night, Russ...

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Martin Jacobson to appear in documentary
by Defrag on April 22

Just last July 6,683 players from all around the world entered the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event to fight for the unofficially World Champion title and $10,...

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Chinese Police shuts down APPT Nanjing Millions
by Defrag on April 20

The PokerStars Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) event, the Nanjing Millions held at Jiangsu Wutaishan Sports Center, has been raided and shut down by the Chinese N...

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FullTilt drastically slashes game roster
by Defrag on April 18

FullTilt is continuing its recent trend of changing towards a poker room aimed at recreational players: they made several cuts from the games in last week, mostly reduci...

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