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Posted by Defrag, July 27
Dan Bilzerian claims: "I've won $50 million this year"
There is no arguing that Dan Bilzerian, one of the most flashy poker players of all the time, is in the spotlight just right now. He recently made an appearance on the popular Howard Stern Show, where he gave few insights on his life and also made a very bold claim.

Bilzerian, who became famous mostly thanks to his Instagram account, spoke about how he made his money by playing poker, claiming that he won $50,000,000 in the last 12 months.
He also said that the money comes mostly from playing against rich non-professionals and further, he shared the information that his biggest loss in a single session is $3,600,000.

If you want to listen to the full interview, you can do it under this link: Dan Bilzerian On The Howard Stern Show 07/22/14

PokerStars reverses recent $T policy for seats won through FPP satellites
PokerStars announced on last Thursday that it is reversing it's previous decision to make initial tournament seats won through FPP impossible to convert for money. Normally all players could register for satellite tournaments with thei...

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Work HARD now with the long term in mind
Written by: Joeingram1, July 14
I was watching a video yesterday and a person mentioned how most people that start a business only focus on the short term roi and completely neglect long term roi (return on investment). I've never really said it in that way but I talk about this idea in a different way often with my girlfriend. I talk about how if I work really really really hard now, it will pay off huge in the long term. I can say this confidently now because this is the exact approach I took when I started playing poker about 6 years ago. People who are friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter saw a point in time where I constantly talked about partying or raging non stop. I had spent the previous 4 years playing poker 8-10 hours/day and thinking about poker 24 hours/day with the idea that if I worked hard enough now, eventually I would be in an extremely comfortable place and be able to take a break and live life. I probably went out to really drink less than 10 times in my life before this point of my...

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    majority in the netherlands are smart!
Posted by whamm!, June 09 (General)
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$150,000 to win in a All-in Shootout at PokerStars
by Defrag on July 24

PokerStars is giving away $150,000 in three $50,000 All-in Shootouts on August 4, and it’s never been easier to secure your free ticket...

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Multiple free activities and extra prizes prepared for 100th EPT in Barcelona
by Defrag on July 23

EPT Barcelona starts next month and there will be a whole bunch of exciting free activities and competitions set to entertain players as part of the special celebration...

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WPT Alpha8 announces first two stops for Season 2
by Defrag on July 21

The World Poker Tour officials announced that Palm Beach Casino in London and Bellagio in Las Vegas are going to be the first two stops for Season 2 of the World Poker Tour ...

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PokerStars launches search for proteges in 2014 World Championship of Online Poker contest
by Defrag on July 18

PokerStars today announced an exciting new competition for the 2014 World Championship of...

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Jorryt van Hoof Leads 2014 WSOP November Nine, Newhouse becomes a legend
by Defrag on July 16

The most important poker tournament of the 2014 is going into its final stage: the final table of 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event is known! It took seven long da...

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