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High Stakes Report: SanIker and Isildur1 win big
Posted by Defrag, July 31
This was a big week on high stakes: after a long stagnation due to WSOP 2014, we are back with solid amount of action and two players with almost a $1,000,000 in winnings each. First place belongs to SanIker, who played 4269 hands and earned a stunning $952,844. SanIker had an insane run at Full Tilt Poker's 2-7 TD tables with a single $550k day on last Friday, during a 6 hour long session at two $2k/$4k tables, playing against Isildur1, Trueteller, samrostan, and Kagome Kagome.

Isildur1 is the second player on the list, with $910,383 in green after a solid week of work with 14068 hands played. He started the week very strong, winning $247.7k after a very swingy Tuesday: most of his day he played heads-up against a new name on nosebleeds, AthaCliath. Both gentleman clashed at the TD and 8-Game tables. Isildur1 continues to play solid through entire week, finishing it with a $420k day on Sunday after session at 2-7 Triple Draw and a big win over punting-peddler, where he took $227.4k.

noobmare is our third player on the list, winning $227,838 in just 1261 hands. Most of that cash is a courtesy of $50/$100 PLO tables, where he played heads-up against Aku1206 and then d2themfi.
AthaCliath is one of the players that created most of the action on the nosebleeds in the past week, and the man himself made it to fo...

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Why you should be prop betting!!!
Written by: Joeingram1, August 01
I was driving to the gym this morning and I got inspired to write about why prop betting is important and why more people should be doing it. I also said on twitter that if I failed to write this today I would be paying out 1kusd to some lucky retweeter. This is a prop bet (more freeroll) that I will not be losing

What is a prop bet? In the poker world it is considered anything you might side bet on doing against another person. For example, some of the prop bets I've done are playing 50k hands in a day, playing 600k hands in a month. The bets don't always have to be as extreme as those, they can be as simple as you betting another person on who plays more hours that week (I did a bet like this before with some poor soul who did not have a chance )

Why do people prop bet? Some people do it because they see a chance to make a large amount o...

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New record set for the biggest poker event ever held outside of America
by Defrag on July 30

The inaugural sponsored 2014 Beijing Millions concluded this past Sunday set a new record for the biggest live poker tournament outside the USA. T...

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FTP store items worth $3,5mln up for sell on auction
by Defrag on July 29


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Poker scene news and rumors
by Defrag on July 27

Dan Bilzerian claims: "I've won $50 million this year"
There is no arguing that Dan Bilzerian, one of the most flashy poker players of all the time, is in ...

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$150,000 to win in a All-in Shootout at PokerStars
by Defrag on July 24

PokerStars is giving away $150,000 in three $50,000 All-in Shootouts on August 4, and it’s never been easier to secure your free ticket...

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Multiple free activities and extra prizes prepared for 100th EPT in Barcelona
by Defrag on July 23

EPT Barcelona starts next month and there will be a whole bunch of exciting free activities and competitions set to entertain players as part of the special celebration...

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