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Gold Rush promo runs on FTP until January 1st
Posted by Defrag, December 19
A Gold Rush is set to get under way at Rush Poker ring game tables from Friday, December 19th through January 1st, 2015.

Each time a player contributes to the pot at a Rush Poker ring game, they have the chance to be whisked away to the ‘Gold Rush’ table – a new feature exclusive to Rush Poker – where they’ll receive a random 24-carat prize.
Ring Game Tickets, Full Tilt Point bundles and up to $10,000 in cash are all up for grabs, as well as tickets to $2,500 and $5,000 Gold Rush Freerolls, which are Rush Poker Tournaments with a Flipout Tournament format.

Those who sit down at play-money tables have no reason to feel left out – they can snag up to 1,000,000 Play Chips if they find themselves at a Gold Rush table.

“Rush Poker is innovative, action-packed and has been crafted with poker players in mind,” said Full Tilt’s Managing Director, Dominic Mansour. “We’ve launched Gold Rush to add another important feature to the Rush Poker experience – rewarding players for doing what they love.”

To find out more, visit:

If you would like to create your account on FullTiltPoker and start making money by playing poker, you can create your account right now using this link.

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longple goes yolo around the world
Written by: longple, October 31
Courageous people feel the same fear everyone else does, they just decide not to live like they're afraid anymore - Bob Goff


Me and a friend had a conversation once under psychadelic circumstances and as we sat there takeing in our surroundings he turned to me and asked:
We all know whats right and wrong, and we all know what we should do to be happy and take care of ourself and others, why arent we doing that?

This is something ive kinda thought about for most of my life and more so since he layed it out to me that straight up. Its something i think everyone
is familiar with as a human being. The constant struggle between hope and fear where fear is holding us back. Many philosophical characters claims that
all fear roots back to the fear of death, more or less. Sam harris has a really good lecture on this.


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Dan Bilzerian facing charges with possibility up to 6 years in prison
by Defrag on December 17

The king of high stakes poker (as he claims), guns, half-naked woman and instagram pictures is facing some serious problems. First, Dan Bilzerian got banned from...

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EPT winner accused of hacking high stakes players
by Defrag on December 16

Danish police informed the media that they are investigating accusations against a 32 year-old poker player. One of the most famous Danish poker players and one of the 7 EPT ...

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Markin wins EPT Prague €50K Super High Roller
by Defrag on December 14

Russian player Leonid Markin has won the EPT Prague €50k Super High Roller for €771,360, beating some of the best poker players in the world. There were 42 play...

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Canadian Police raids Amayas office in Montreal
by Defrag on December 12

This has been an insane year for Amaya Gaming - their stock has been one of the hottest one on the financial markets this year, with shares going up by %340 this year a...

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Watch Miss Finlands awesome bluff
by Defrag on December 10

A clip from poker TV show sponsored by PokerStars and called "Shark Cage" is becoming viral on the internet. All thanks to Ronnie Bardah, a poker professional, getting co...

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