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Posted by Defrag, November 25
US Navy commander fired for cheating at poker

Vice-Admiral Timothy Giardina is most known lately for embarrassing the American Army with a string of public scandals, one of which was counterfeiting poker chips. Giardina has now lost his job as a top Navy commander after he was accused of making fake poker chips and trying to use use them in various casinos. If you don't understand how serious this man position was - let's just say that he was number two in command of America’s nuclear arsenal.

Documents unveiled under a Freedom of Information Act request depict him as an regular and probably addicted poker player. He spent more than 1,000 hours at the Horseshoe’s tables in the 18 months before being caught trying to get the fake chips into the game in June 2013.

The $500 fake chips were in reality genuine $1 chips from the same casino with fake $500 stickers glued on them.

PokerStars named 2014 poker operator and mobile poker operator of the year

PokerStars has been selected as the 2014 best ‘Poker Operator’ and best ‘Mobile Poker Operator’ by eGaming Review magazine. The prestigious awards were presented in London on Monday night..

“We’re very proud to be acknowledged by eGR and the expert judging panel for our success as the leading ...

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longple goes yolo around the world
Written by: longple, October 31
Courageous people feel the same fear everyone else does, they just decide not to live like they're afraid anymore - Bob Goff


Me and a friend had a conversation once under psychadelic circumstances and as we sat there takeing in our surroundings he turned to me and asked:
We all know whats right and wrong, and we all know what we should do to be happy and take care of ourself and others, why arent we doing that?

This is something ive kinda thought about for most of my life and more so since he layed it out to me that straight up. Its something i think everyone
is familiar with as a human being. The constant struggle between hope and fear where fear is holding us back. Many philosophical characters claims that
all fear roots back to the fear of death, more or less. Sam harris has a really good lecture on this.


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PokerStars to launch casino games globally
by Defrag on November 22

PokerStars, the world’s largest poker brand, announced that it will launch sports betting and casino table games globally on

The fi...

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Phil Ivey is the biggest winner in high stakes games so far in November
by Defrag on November 20

This time we show you the results from the first 20 of the November. Unfortunately, more and more players are deciding to opt out of HighStakesDB tracking their profile...

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Billionth Tournament Carnival at PokerStars has started
by Defrag on November 18

PokerStars announced the Billionth Tournament Carnival – a series of promotions to celebrate Tournament Number One Billion on the world’s largest poker s...

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Daniel Colman: "Hellmuth's a spineless wh*re"
by Defrag on November 16

Daniel 'mrgr33n13' Colman, who won over $22,000,000 in tournaments just this year, caused a huge discussion in the poker world when he acted in a somehow different manner...

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Martin Jacobson wins the 2014 WSOP Main Event
by Defrag on November 14

Martin Jacobson, young Swedish poker professional defeated Felix Stephensen heads-up for the $10 million first prize! This the first time Sweden wins World Series o...

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