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ChicagoJoey doing a 750 day Twitch.TV poker marathon
Posted by Defrag, April 01
Twitch.TV is becoming a really serious business in the world of poker - PokerStars signed the most popular poker streamer, Jason Somerville, and he announced recetnyl that he is going to stream for 70 days straight. And here comes Joe “ChicagoJoey” Ingram, well know posters on our site and recent host of probably the most popular podcasts in the poker world (you can find all his videos on his YouTube channel, under this link)., informing the world that he will stream as well, but for 750 days straight.

Joe Tweeted:
@Joeingram1: "Will be streaming some form of PLO on @Twitch for the next 750 days straight (no joke) more to come soon "

“With Twitch going the direction that it is, I want to help get the wonderful game of PLO out there to as many people as I can. I think it is such a fun game and that many others will feel the same about it,” Ingram told poker blog Nutblocker.
“I was motivated to do it because I saw guys like JCarver and Jamie Staples putting in some really sick work ethic when it came to streaming and I pride myself on being one of the si...

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NBA Daily Fantasy Sports
Written by: Daut, March 21
Despite success in season long football leagues for the past few years, I was pretty unsuccessful playing DFS. I would deposit a few hundred bucks at the beginning of football, swing up and down a bit, and eventually lose it by the end of the year. I tried out basketball last season, but I knew basically nothing and lost some more money.

Roothlus (the poker player) convinced me that I should give NBA DFS another shot this season. It's more fun, predictable and beatable than other sports. For instance, if Lebron scores 20 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds thats a pretty bad fantasy game while 30 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds is a great game. the variance in game to game results is much smaller than other sports like football or baseball.

So at the beginning of the season I threw another $250 on both fanduel and draftkings with the intention of treating it just like poker when i started. I was essentially starting as a .05/.1 NL player and trying to work...

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PokerStars to make 5 players millionaires in next 8 weeks
by Defrag on March 30

PokerStars launched 'PokerStars Makes Millionaires', one of the site’s biggest and boldest campaigns ever, will make at least five players millionaires over ...

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Jean Montury wins EPT Malta Main Event
by Defrag on March 29

Former pool champion Jean Montury has become the first ever EPT Malta champion, taking down the €5,300 event for €687,400. The 40-year-old Frenchman, who ru...

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Dzmitry Urbanovich wins 4 events during EPT Malta, sets world record
by Defrag on March 28

While his fellow countryman, PCA champion Dominik Panka, was grinding his way to a second EPT Main Event final table, Dzmitry Urbanovich pulled off his own record-br...

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Twitch.TV hacked, take caution
by Defrag on March 26

Poker is getting more and more popular on Twitch.TV, to the point where it got its own dedicated channel and the most popular Twitch.TV poker streamer, Jason Somerville, ...

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Neteller is trying to buy Skrill for €1,1bln
by Defrag on March 24

“Optimal Payments” company, which is the parent company of one of the biggest online payment processors, Neteller, has expressed intrest in purchasing of another big...

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