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Get easy VIP status at Skrill with LiquidPoker

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We all know how the situation of poker looks like - privacy of your money transfers is as important as ever. One of the ways to keep it this way is using dedicated e-wallets. LiquidPoker started cooperation Paysafe Group plc, which owns such well-known brands as Neteller and Skrill. Both of them offer e-wallet services that guarantee safe, immediate and anonymous transfers to business partners and private persons all over the world.

Get VIP status at Skrill easily with and save a lot of money!
Only now thanks to the cooperation with LiquidPoker and Skrill we offer you 50% lower requirements that you have to meet to become a VIP member.

All you have to do is register using this link and meet the simple requirements - deposit €3,000 in 30 calendar days. You can deposit €500, cash out, deposit again - all that matters is the volume of €3,000. And voila, the VIP is yours.

If you get Bronze VIP status you will be granted lower currency exchange rates, card withdrawal fee of just €1.8 (instead of 1.75% without maximum cap), and plenty of other privileges like free contact less MasterCard, which you can use to pay for your daily life using poker funds.

You need to however use an account set up through LiquidPoker, like we mentioned – you can do it registering via the link.

On how to apply for this offer - look at the end of the page.

Skrill’s offer
Today we want to present to you a special offer that we have prepared together with Skrill ??<A name="cutnews"></A><A name="cutnews"></A>? a brand that was created in year 2001 and since that time has become one of the leaders on the online money transfer market.

Currently Skrill allows the following operations:
  1. sending and receiving money through email messages
  2. shopping online in over 100,000 stores
  3. adding funds to Skype account
  4. deposits and withdrawals from main gambling websites.

Skrill’s main advantages are:

Pre-paid Mastercard cash card
A card that can be added to your Skrill account. It gives you 100% safety and anonymity while making deposits and withdrawals from poker websites. Thanks to the card and cash machines all over the world you have instant and unlimited access to your funds 24/7 all year round. Using the card at so called POS terminals is also free. Additionally you can get insurance that will make you feel safe during your travels.

The card can service four currencies: PLN, dollars, euro and British pounds. For your convenience Skrill and Mastercard equipped the card with pay-pass module, which allows quick payments.

Your money is safe thanks to a 2-step verification
Your funds in Skrill account has never been that safe before. To log into your account you just need the login and password (that cheaters can easily obtain). If you want to secure your funds even more you can use what we call a two-step verification process. Access to your account will then require login, password and token, i.e. a phone application, that generates for you random codes every single hour. Thanks to that no scammers will be able to access your account even if they manage to get their hands on your login and password.

VIP status
Depending on the value of your transactions you can apply for a VIP status of four different levels. The more your transactions are worth the higher the status and the cheaper it is for you to use the account as fees decrease.

Here are the differences between particular levels:

Only now LiquidPoker and Skrill offer you 50% lower requirements that have to be met for you to be granted VIP Bronze. All you have to do is deposit 3000€ in 30 workdays and we will get you a VIP status!

With us you always get the best offer. In this case our readers receive offer that is 50% better than the standard one.

How to get a VIP status quickly with LiquidPoker - instructions!
Thanks to our unique offer we decrease the Bronze VIP requirements by half, which means you only need €3000 to be a Bronze VIP. The easiest and fastest way to do it is deposit €500 or €1000 a few times withdrawing it almost immediately back. €500 deposit has to be made in this case 6 times while the one thousand option will only demand 3 transfers.

Remember though that you need an account created with – this can be done if you simply click this link or the feature image of this news.

After meeting the requirement amount contact us click here to send us a message with the information about your main email address registered at Skrill.

In 48 you will be given a VIP status for a given quarter period:
1) January-March
2) April-June
3) July- September
4) October-December.

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