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El_Tanque   United States. May 15 2011 01:35. Posts 360
I have been fortunate enough to receive a new job while living at home this summer. I will be valeting cars at The Magnolia hotel this summer, in downtown Dallas.

It's an upscale hotel sitting under the Pegasus in the Dallas skyline. I'm the upscale valet/concierge.

I aim to make some money and invest it in certain areas for about 3 months work before heading back to school.

What I do when I make money is take whatever I need to save for and make envelopes. Currently I'd like a new pair of Oakley's, a refurbished slim PS3 b/c my old one is a piece of shit (also, i'm selling the old one for parts), etc etc.

So far I have...
*EDIT* shit i forgot that I invented something and am trying to save up so I can get a patent/produce my intellectual property. Gotta re-figure the %'s
Savings acct. 30%
Checking acct. 8%
Trip to Vegas 10%
Gas 15%
Oakley's 8% ($280)
ps3 8% ($200)
Invention 10%

That is 87% of my total income being store in some capacity. The other 10% would be daily spending money...
Obviously gas fluctuates so I am hoping to reduce that percentage and maybe put more into savings. Also once I have the money for the oakleys, I would eliminate that envelope, put the money left over into my savings envelope, and change percentages or add another item in.

Thoughts, comments, opinions?

Also, with my MAVS IN THE SEMI-FINALS AND MOST LIKELY FINALS *knock on wood*, you all should come get tickets and stay at the Mag. I'll valet your car for a fat tip obv
I can also get the hookup for many upscale gentlemen's clubs, or regular clubs like Plush. Also hookups at nice steakhouses in the area, etc. We are a full concierge

Great to hear from ya'll.


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terrybunny19240   United States. May 15 2011 01:55. Posts 13829

hey I recommend reading "Fooled By Randomness" and "The Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb before you start your investing

gawdawaful   Canada. May 15 2011 02:07. Posts 8978

this looks more like money management/budgeting where to allocate your income as oppose to investing

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El_Tanque   United States. May 15 2011 02:18. Posts 360

  On May 15 2011 01:07 gawdawaful wrote:
this looks more like money management/budgeting where to allocate your income as oppose to investing

Yes, thats much better wording.

I guess its investing in myself mostly, rather than trying to invest into making money (with the exception of my invention).


Wreckognize   . May 15 2011 02:19. Posts 1263

one word: nosebleeds

def_jammer   Germany. May 15 2011 04:41. Posts 1227

So how's your trip to vegas gonna look like with around 200$?

exalted   United States. May 15 2011 13:40. Posts 2918

why are you spending 280 on sunglasses?

(and only ~300 on "trip to vegas"?)

exalted from teamliquid :o 

nerdonpoker   . May 15 2011 14:23. Posts 414

INvest in a trip to china to get a product demo made, then try and sell that demo via the internet with a mock site (see how many people actually want to buy your product) take that monies from the people (tell them 2-4 weeks delivery), and reinvest it in our product you had made in China. And high five the hommies after you collect mills-- the end. Oh and then get a patent, you can file a patent application which is good for a whole year (no one can build ur shit for a whole year except you, and gives you a year to get your demo made). Its real cheap like 69$ or something.

nerdonpoker   . May 15 2011 14:24. Posts 414

Oh and fuck the oakleys.

chris   United States. May 15 2011 14:50. Posts 5500

needs the oakleys to run good in vegas obv

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frenchylucky.   Finland. May 15 2011 15:38. Posts 228

valet distraction ...

El_Tanque   United States. May 15 2011 19:29. Posts 360

  On May 15 2011 03:41 def_jammer wrote:
So how's your trip to vegas gonna look like with around 200$?

I never said when I was going or how much I already have saved up

Uptown   . May 15 2011 22:36. Posts 3557

Always examine your priorities and where you want to find yourself in 5 years. Your money planning should set you up for the future, not the present.

Half Pot! 

nerdonpoker   . May 18 2011 01:28. Posts 414

Basically what uptown is tryin to say is fuck the oakleys

Uptown   . May 18 2011 01:40. Posts 3557

nah I'm saying that only get the oakleys if that's how you roll

Half Pot! 

El_Tanque   United States. Sep 03 2020 06:10. Posts 360

Good grief. Looking at shit I said 10 years ago. Embarrassing. Fucking oakleys, Clay? Dumbass.


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