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Happy Holidays LP

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Ryan Neilly   United States. Dec 04 2021 00:46. Posts 1578
Hey everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and crush all your games!

small update on me - took 4 months off this year to work on me, just restarting, took 100 to about 1k in the last week, games are still great, seems i have no passion for cashgames though, gonna focus on only tournaments again. Feeling fresh again.

I'll try to find stuff to blog about more

Recently won a lil $5 mtt and a bunch of 2nd to 5ths, gotta play those FT more aggro...

Have a great holiday season, lots of amazing poker Crush!


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lostaccount   Canada. Dec 08 2021 13:20. Posts 3649


love life love othersLast edit: 14/12/2021 19:38


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