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Computer down. I repeat computer down.

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RiKD    United States. Sep 16 2021 05:46. Posts 6789
I had a 2009 Gateway Gaming Rig that I barely played any hands on but still easily made up for it in profits. Poker days lol. Since I liked my 2009 Macbook Pro more the Gateway was literally in a garbage bag collecting dust for 12 years until I finally put it to rest today. I got a USB wireless thing and connected to the router ok but the damn computer is so old it was not recognizing modern DNS if that is even possible? Meaning I could not go on any websites. The Gateway was running Vista 64-bit for crying out loud. I played one final game of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and then it is customary for me to open the damn thing up and take it all apart and look at it one final time before I laid it to rest in the trash. I was hoping to mess around learning code on Microsoft. Microsoft 10 is $140 by the way. I was also looking to maybe get some gaming in but it was not meant to be.

Now, I am down to my 2009 17'' Macbook Pro which I adore but it was giving me the rainbow wheel of death 2 weeks ago and an iPhone 6 that is totally scuffed up. I keep knocking on wood that they will keep pulling it out day in and day out like champions.

I am done with Apple though. I would like to build my own desktop pc. I either want to go just enough to handle gaming or decide not to game and just go pretty bare bones. Ideally get a used laptop from someone trusted. I don't mind Mac OS and the esthétique but still I find Macs overpriced and Apple is going in the wrong direction in regards to security. I don't know about phone. My brother said there are $150 smart phones out now. I am not against going Shanzhai Chinese. I did for my blue switch mechanical keyboard and I love that thing. My mouse is USA Razer and I think I love that thing even more. But, since the reboot of the Gateway went South my beautiful, beautiful hardware is just sitting there unused.

Maybe some hardware and software nerds will find this interesting, maybe not.

Ideally, I have re-furbished laptop with ubuntu (great suggestion Jelle).

I hate microsoft but if I am building a pc for vidya and coding primarily then I would think it is microsoft > linux?

Linux would be better for my laptop that I would not game on and I could learn python for linux too.

I don't know.

Just a nukka that is way too amped and can't sleep at 1am.

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RiKD    United States. Sep 18 2021 00:30. Posts 6789

It is hard to believe there are not any computer nerds on this site anymore?

Another question. I have a macbook pro from 2009 that I hooked up to my gaming keyboard and mouse...

I need some games that are not too old but not too new.

My brother suggested League of Legends.

Any others?


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