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Became a father

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RiKD    United States. Sep 06 2021 18:36. Posts 6875

I don't mind going into taboo subjects. I don't live for the "Like" button.

I think tutz will be alright.

Seriously though, framing it as they brought in their child with out consent leads to better outcomes than the kid is a gift from God that we allowed to live. Both are true but parents should be grateful for their child first rather than thinking the child owes them something for being THROWN into this existence.

RiKD    United States. Sep 06 2021 18:39. Posts 6875

By the way, everyone probably thinks I hate kids. I am a fantastic uncle to my 3 nephews and I take that duty very seriously. Once the kiddos are here we have to do everything in our power to educate them and give them a chance at the good life.

hiems   United States. Sep 07 2021 01:18. Posts 2291

your baby kind of looks like trump


Oddeye   Canada. Sep 07 2021 01:54. Posts 5046

Didn't try to say you wanted like, just bad timing to post this here, let him live his small joy. Tutz will be fine indeed.

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RiKD    United States. Sep 07 2021 02:21. Posts 6875

I disagree that it was bad timing. Sometimes the herd needs to be prodded.

tutz   Brasil. Sep 07 2021 08:06. Posts 2139

  On September 07 2021 00:18 hiems wrote:
your baby kind of looks like trump

Trump is retarded but he is good looking so thank you

tutz   Brasil. Sep 07 2021 08:22. Posts 2139

Thank you to everyone wishing me well, really

I won't get into the phylosophical debate with RiKD because I know we have very different world views at the end of the day. Nevertheless I hope he can find more meaning to his life and therefore some happiness

I got curious about the political views of fellow LPers so I oppened the Politics Thread to take a look and I was amazed at the amount of right wingers here. I was even more impreessed with how much time some of you have spent here dicussing politics. There was a time when I'd love to engage in these debates, but I don't have time for that anymore. By the way, I'm a communist, kinda of. Just saying.

On another news, I just recently passed the Federal Police exams, which means I will became a Federal Agent for the Brazilian Federal Police soon. Police academy starts in February. I will post more here once I get my badge. And before anyone say anything about me being a communist and joining the Police, I first have to say that I'm doing this more because of my son. Federal Agents here in Brazil have a good salary and benefits, so this will help me provide my son with a decent life for now. Working as a Yoga Teacher here is not enough for me to give my son the life that I want to give him. I'm also studying to become a Federal Auditor, which pays 80% more than what Federal Agents make, but it's gonna take me more time get there.

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Santafairy   Korea (South). Sep 07 2021 09:52. Posts 1995

  On September 05 2021 13:28 chris wrote:
Rikd you are a waste only in that you are so self absorbed and egotistical that you choose to ignore the talents you have and make the most of opportunities around you. You have made the choice to have self loathing and be miserable and your posts are pure drivel, written almost as a form of masturbation in prose. Your self pity is stale. You've turned away all the good that could happen to you and spout cliched nihilistic views.

CBT may actually work for you. I doubt it, though, because you have no follow through and any hint of success will turn you away.

Shame on you for pissing all over this welcome and good news that Tutz shared with the fragmented remains of the LP community. I wasn't going to post but after seeing your comments, fuck off.

Congratulations Tutz, he's a handsome kid and you're a proud dad who's gonna do great.

Travis, congrats to you as well. My little girl is 7 months and babies are a lot of work, though with each smile I'm reminded how much love there is and how worth it she is.

Cheers guys. Except you, Rikd, I hope you find the courage to grow up and give yourself a chance. I have no pity for you.

Why would rikd benefit from cock and ball torture

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 

hiems   United States. Sep 07 2021 22:00. Posts 2291

Btw Francisco is a great name. Francisco Franco was a wise leader probably one of the greatest in modern history.


tutz   Brasil. Sep 07 2021 23:53. Posts 2139

  On September 07 2021 21:00 hiems wrote:
Btw Francisco is a great name. Francisco Franco was a wise leader probably one of the greatest in modern history.

The Pope's name is Francisco, and he is a great person. Also, Francisco Xavier is the name of the greatest spiritual leader here is Brazil. I admire him a lot. I prefer to associate my son with those two.

Francisco Franco was a terrible person. I feel sorry for you if you are serious in your comment.

hiems   United States. Sep 08 2021 00:04. Posts 2291

What makes Franco a terrible person? You realize the republicans were equally terrible during the Spanish Civil War?

The fact that Franco is regarded by history as some sort of monster shows you how powerful the left's propaganda machine is. I saw some documentary of the War with views from multiple perspectives and a pro-Franco old lady recalls the war saying how she thought Franco saved us but then her children and grandchildren ask her how can she like Franco grandma!!, and she doubt herself and says maybe she was wrong all of the sudden lol.

Franco absolutely saved Spain from becoming a gutter nation and led them to prosperity. He is a much more important figure than any of those popes or whatever most ppl dont give a crap about. Your son is lucky to share his name with him.


lostaccount   Canada. Sep 08 2021 12:37. Posts 3594

Rikd needs to chill and Chris needs to be more compassionate. Mental health people needs more compassion and trump is not dumb. He’s actually a genius but the fake media just portrays him to be terrible.

How to solve rikd misery? Rikd needs to do something drastic to change his life perspective. I’m not sure what it is but something must change so he can be somewhat happy again. I pray 4 U to get better rikd. I’ve been down before but winners get back up and continue the journey. Maybe u should start volunteering if u have time. Go meet some new people, make some new friends. Start enjoying life again

Rikd ur in ur prime lots of time to get back up and be happy life long. U can overcome this mental blockage, if u really are up for it.

love life love othersLast edit: 08/09/2021 12:39

iop   Sweden. Sep 09 2021 09:48. Posts 4949

Congrats on parenthood, it's amazing and you're in for a hell of a ride. Great looking baby

Milkman lol i didnt spend half a thousand on a phone so i could play it cool and be all stealthLast edit: 09/09/2021 09:48

Raidern   Brasil. Sep 12 2021 12:41. Posts 4242

Lol i cant believe someone brought up franco in this thread

im a regular at nl5 

Baalim   Mexico. Sep 13 2021 03:54. Posts 33926

  On September 12 2021 11:41 Raidern wrote:
Lol i cant believe someone brought up franco in this thread

lol has been a political forum for a while

congrats on the baby man, enjoy.

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

Jelle   Belgium. Sep 14 2021 10:57. Posts 3475

Many congratulations! The photo where Francisco fits into your hands is cool~


PuertoRican   United States. Sep 15 2021 03:18. Posts 12660

Rekrul is a newb 

RiKD    United States. Sep 15 2021 05:16. Posts 6875

I like tutz

I had to watch my 4 year old nephew today for 8 hours. BE READY! What a fucking rollercoaster cara!

Trav94   Canada. Sep 26 2021 11:25. Posts 1780

Congrats buddy

hiems   United States. Oct 22 2021 00:23. Posts 2291

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