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US Poker Taxes Question

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Nitewin   United States. Dec 23 2020 15:16. Posts 1531
If I'm playing poker in PA but still have residency in another state, which state do I pay taxes to? Technically, I'm just here temporarily. I don't have a bank account in PA or a license. Do I pay to my origin state or PA or am I responsible for both?

I know people travel to legalized states to play tournaments. If they win, do they pay taxes to the legalized state or just their home state?

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Nitewin   United States. Dec 23 2020 15:35. Posts 1531

Or can I just report the winnings to PA and not my origin state?

Daut    United States. Dec 23 2020 22:25. Posts 8950

home state. if there is an advantage to making your home state PA (say lower state tax %), then id do that, I think it requires roughly 180 days in a year in that state.

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Nitewin   United States. Dec 24 2020 14:51. Posts 1531

Ty Daut.

"Our company is owned and operated by a legal entity located in the Isle Of Man (a crown dependency of the United Kingdom) and we pride ourselves on abiding by all relevant laws and regulations. We do not deduct tax from withdrawals, nor do we send account or transaction details to authorities when a player withdraws their funds. It is the player's responsibility to adhere to the laws and regulations of their local jurisdiction and keep record of any special details they require." - from support.

This was after I requested tax forms from the software under tools. Do they not supply records of winnings / losses?
That's interesting... I wonder why I had to provide my social if they don't use it.


A 1099 is generated when a player wins a prize or award as a result of a free to enter competition/game. It also includes Poker League Winnings, Leader Board winnings, tournament bounty winnings, and Casino - Instant Bonus into cash.

A W-2G is a federal tax form that we are required to send to players in relation to each reportable event that the player has during a tax year. It will be triggered by any of the following reportable events:

1. Poker Tournaments: in the event that you win more than $5,000, net of your initial buy-in, in a single tournament (or chain of tournaments (satellites) if the prize from winning the first tournament is entry to the second tournament and they all take place online).
2. Poker Cash games (excluding Video): in the event that you win in a single poker cash game hand an amount that is both (a) 300 times your stake and (b) of $600 or more.
3. Casino Table Games (excluding Slots): in the event that in any individual table game hand you win $600 or more and 300x the wager, regardless of stake.
4. Casino Slot Games: in the event that in any spin you win a gross amount of $1,200 or more
5. Sports Wagers: in the event that any sports wager results in a net win which is both (a) 300 times your stake and (b) $600 or more.

Also, bear in mind that every time you win a wager that pays over 300 times the amount wagered and the amount of the win is over $5000, a Player Withholding Tax deductions will be necessary. The rate is consistent at 24% and it corresponds only to Federal Taxes.

We don't deduct tax from any withdrawals that players receive. However, laws vary by jurisdiction. It's the responsibility of each player to follow the law of their respective region.

We recommend you check with your local tax authority to see if you have to claim your winnings.

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Nitewin   United States. Dec 24 2020 16:14. Posts 1531

So it's just like a brick and mortar casino. I'm going to pay my taxes but I bet there are lots who don't.

NewbSaibot   United States. Dec 25 2020 14:23. Posts 4895

  On December 24 2020 15:14 Nitewin wrote:
So it's just like a brick and mortar casino. I'm going to pay my taxes but I bet there are lots who don't.

There's a threshold where they will report 1099 earnings to the gov't. I think it's 15k or so. They still dont take out the taxes for you, they just inform the IRS so that the IRS is anticipating a filing of at least that amount. With B&M you can fly under the radar forever lest you get audited for other reasons.

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Nitewin   United States. Dec 26 2020 07:28. Posts 1531

The quote above is from pstars and how they generate 1099.

YoMeR   United States. Feb 20 2021 05:06. Posts 12432

I'd highly recommend talking to a CPA that works with pro gamblers often. Not every tax situation is the same and it's worth the ~$500 you pay for them to do it.

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MurrayYvonne   Canada. Mar 23 2021 21:25. Posts 2

I don't believe that you can honestly win at card games.
I have played many different card games, including poker, but I still haven't been able to win.
To be honest, card games have ceased to play any role for me.
It takes a lot of time and is not profitable at all.
After a series of failures in card games, I preferred betting and it brought me great profits.
I only made bets on and in three days it brought me about $ 1,500.
But for such a result, I spent a lot of time on a thorough analysis.
Anyway, betting is much more profitable for me than poker and other card games

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mynijah   . Oct 28 2021 20:53. Posts 1

Under the Poker Tournament Act, players are not required to pay taxes on tournament winnings or any other winnings derived from gambling games that are not gambling games. Suppose your tournament income arises from using or possessing a gaming table, cash register, or other gambling equipment that is not used in gambling for money or any other security. In that case, you must pay tax in your own state However, you can benefit from a few of the rules for betting specified in the Poker Table Betting Act, as they will save you some money.

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