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Partypoker Questions

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devon06atX   Canada. Dec 18 2020 05:23. Posts 5435

Hey LP,

A friend and I are about to start a competition on PP (biggest winner after x amount of cash hands), and I'm hoping someone here currently plays at PP and can help me out with a couple questions.

1. How to track amount of hands played/analyze play? I keep reading that HHs are banned (I use HM2), then unbanned, then no huds... flip-flopping like crazy. Anyone know what the deal is? Mainly, I should have no problem tracking w/ HM2 (and analyzing my play, etc.), correct?
2. TableNinja2 Substitute? After some research, it looks like TN2 is no longer allowed at PartyPoker. Does anyone here know of a decent substitute?

I'm also signing up for the LP affiliate RB deal, yeahhhh ! I'm really hoping the switch from PS to PP isn't too bad...

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gawdawaful   Canada. Dec 18 2020 06:22. Posts 9002

no huds but you can download hand history to import

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JanBall   . Jan 07 2021 11:52. Posts 3

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JoeyStyles   United States. Jan 29 2021 16:57. Posts 3

The only resolve to your problem is to import hand history if it was allowed by you in the options of your account. Oh, I remember when I was playing on pokerstars with my friends and one time I've got a royal flush. The funny thing is that I didn't notice that but my friend eventually told me that I had such a combination. I couldn't check it because I didn't turn out hand history on my profile. But pokerstars is not the only platform for poker. I've recently discovered an interesting info on Maximum casino that allows to play poker along with other games. And since then, I play poker only there because of good bonuses.

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