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RiKD    United States. Jul 25 2020 19:48. Posts 6430
So, maybe I will put a halt on the bursts of narcissistic entanglement that is my blog for at least one post.

I will be in the car for 16 hours straight next week and was interested what people have to say about podcasts. One that really stands out to me is S-Town (Shittown). I don't think that one could be topped but shit like that is I think what I am looking for. I also love Vegan Vanguard with Mexie and Marine. That is about it. I could check out Serial and the other contributors to S-Town as well as who Vegan Vanguard has collaborated with recently but that is an overwhelming task at the moment. Or I would be interested in something completely different. A friend recommended me S-Town and I was like "yeah, oh ok." I am just looking for what the kids call [Fire Emoji]. But probably not actually what the kids think is [Fire Emoji]. I don't know. We are all like 30-40 here anyways. Who has listened to some good shit? Let's get it out in the open.

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blackjacki2   United States. Jul 26 2020 03:25. Posts 2402

I would listen to Serial season 1 if you haven't already. Almost anyone that has gotten into true crime podcasts did so through Serial. I don't think it's a great piece of journalism but I think they do a damn fine job of storytelling. That would be my recommendation. I started Serial right as I set off on a 8-10 hour drive from N Carolina to Florida and when I was done it felt like I teleported because I was so engrossed by it that I didn't realize time was passing. My 2nd recommendation would be Dr. Death.

Loco   Canada. Jul 26 2020 04:46. Posts 20443 focus on social ecology focus on critical theory did some work for these guys -- collapse oriented general social justice podcast

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