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0 EV spots

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. May 08 2020 11:54. Posts 15143
I haven't been blogging
I have been journaling
I feel like when you put your thoughts out there for other people it's difficult to completely let go and truly get what's on your mind without trying to distort the perception of how it will come across.

Nevertheless, this spot might be helpful to people, so let's talk about 0EV BIG DECISIONS

You arrive at the spot like this on the rive
And start tanking. Tanking long, because you know the population tendencies it seems about 0EV
I do block KQ I do block KXhh, but then again I do like to mix in high frequency Jx bets and check raises on the flop BvB so I'm high up in my range

But people tend to underbluff these boards on the site

All in all
it's a 0 EV decision, you've seen these in Snowie, you have had countless sessions where spot after spot seems so hard, often times you lose every single one and it feels horrible.

After you make it
Well, that's it, I decided it doesn't matter, didn't want to take away the fun of eeny meeny mooney moe and give the decision to the cold hard simple brain of RNG

And now it's there

the suspense


I put in all this effort, timebanked to the maximum
Now so much is hanging on this spot
that in the end [/b]doesn't really matter[/b]

I want my effort validated, and it's a good amount of money and big blinds
And it's just the worst feeling when all that just results in a loss.

But the loss happens 68% of the time
And then it hit me

You think so hard and consider all the factors BECAUSE you want a favourable result. But the only thing that matters, is actually the EFFORT ITSELF that's all that really matters.

Your decision either way has no impact on anything
Whether you win or lose, also has no impact on anything in the long run.
The 0EV spots Just.Don't.Matter. No matter how much money is at stake.

What does matter is that you build a habit of thinking through your decisions, and do the best with what you're working with in the moment

0EV and LIFE
In life, it's often the same, and because of incomplete information so many big decisions just have the same life EV in the moment you make them.

Does it really matter what brand of car you buy, can you really make an informed decision when picking a romantic partner based on the limited amount of information you usually have?

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ClouD87   Italy. May 09 2020 11:56. Posts 524

I've also been thinking about this a lot. Poker can give a perspective on actions and consequences that nobody ever talks about in real life. Great blog post

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Nitewin   United States. May 09 2020 16:36. Posts 1537

Doesn't every decision have an EV? If you lose 68% of the time, that gives you an EV. The effort helps you make a more informed decision, hence increasing your chance of analyzing the EV more accurately.

You can make the best decision given the info you're provided with. For a car, there's the social value and the functional value. I prefer spending less on gas until I'm rich. For women, if you are lacking info, you ask yourself what you'd like to know more, and then find ways to obtain that info.

For stuff like, should I use blueberries or strawberries in my smoothie today, I think you'd be correct in that it's 0 EV.

Imo, big life decisions require a bit of analysis. Recurring activities require a bit of analysis. One-time things that wouldn't hurt you permanently don't.

Nitewin   United States. May 09 2020 16:44. Posts 1537

I think there's a misconception.

In HEM/PT, they would label this as 0 EV on the chart because there's no luck involved in it. All the cards are out.

However, that doesn't mean the hand has 0 EV based on its definition. There certainly is an expected value whether you decide to call river or not.

I'm not sure how to equate this to a life analogy. I guess for EV chart, it'd be "position yourself the best for getting lucky." For 0 EV chart, it'd be "you're dealt a hand in life, play them the best you can?"


Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 11 2020 21:20. Posts 9634

There's rarely a 0 EV decision in life, but poker can widen your perspective by a lot. I think its because you have to have the reverse way of proving something e.g looking at all possible things that're wrong with something to prove it's right, rather than find an example which proves it ( aka result biasing)

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Ryan Neilly   United States. May 23 2020 14:17. Posts 1623

good post, keep goin buddy - stick w/ what works, blogging is a lot of bullshit, i'd rather you do your best as a player.

Ryan Neilly   United States. May 23 2020 14:21. Posts 1623

but i find this as +Ev not 0ev (The hh)

hiems   United States. Jun 07 2022 20:54. Posts 2979


I beat Loco!!! [img][/img] 


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