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Robinson47's pub quiz

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Robinson47   United Kingdom. Apr 05 2020 14:10. Posts 992

I have made some 15 minute pub style quizzes. Please give them a go and let me know what you get out of 50 .

First pub quiz here:

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Jelle   Belgium. Apr 09 2020 02:25. Posts 3429

Link's broken!


Robinson47   United Kingdom. Apr 09 2020 12:17. Posts 992

Thanks for letting me know, have now fixed it

Liquid`Drone   Norway. Apr 09 2020 14:16. Posts 2974

pretty good quiz, didn't finish it but out of first 40 I had exactly 20 correct answers.

only knew one song -there you made quiz-mistake you should try to avoid; you end the boom boom boom boom segment with the line 'vengaboyz are back in town'

lol POKER 

blackjacki2   United States. Apr 10 2020 03:45. Posts 2403

I love pub quizzes. Cheers. Although here in the states whole milk has the red top

Robinson47   United Kingdom. Apr 11 2020 22:26. Posts 992

Thanks for giving it a go. Had a few Irish lads say about the red top not being correct in their country. Guess I might have to think about a more glob audience.

Liquid`Drone   Norway. Apr 12 2020 00:38. Posts 2974

yea there were some questions that didnt really work that well as a norwegian but that's hardly relevant for you..

lol POKER 

Robinson47   United Kingdom. May 10 2020 07:20. Posts 992

Have made 8 lockdown pub quizzes now, 8th one here

I also knocked up a true crime/serial killer quiz, I understand how depraved poker players are so you may enjoy.

blackjacki2   United States. May 10 2020 11:33. Posts 2403

i've never seen Cruel Intentions but wasn't the Luka Magnotta murder done in the style of Basic Instinct?

Robinson47   United Kingdom. May 10 2020 18:33. Posts 992

Absolutely right. Thanks for pointing it out. Says a lot about my intention to detail which might explain why I am failed poker player????.

blackjacki2   United States. May 11 2020 11:14. Posts 2403

Don't you mean attention to detail? just messing with you


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