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RiKD    United States. Apr 01 2020 23:34. Posts 6101
Just bumping this so it's on the poker blogs main page. My ramblings don't need to be up there.

A lot of poker chat in the discord atm but that doesn't mean we can't talk about whatever or talk more poker it doesn't really matter it's all good.

Current active link:

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RiKD    United States. Apr 02 2020 01:31. Posts 6101

Even though it's not that serious lol

I just thought it was serious like 1 hour ago.

Come on down win yourself a prize. Except it's not a rigged carnie game. It's just some LP ppl hanging out and occasionally chatting but mostly not.

tutz   Brasil. Apr 03 2020 19:36. Posts 2122

Would I be welcome?

RiKD    United States. Apr 03 2020 20:45. Posts 6101


k4ir0s   Canada. Apr 05 2020 12:40. Posts 3452

invite expired. pm me linkplz

I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -OlyLast edit: 05/04/2020 12:41

RiKD    United States. Apr 05 2020 15:15. Posts 6101


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