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RiKD    United States. Aug 19 2019 04:56. Posts 6428

Anyone want to discuss drums, drumming, percussion, rhythm, chanting, dancing, bonfires...... ok ok ok my hippy ass is getting carried away. I'm just really into primitive art and music at the moment. I bought an electric drum set. I just want this thread to be inspiring. It's not about playing John Bonham or Neil Peart or Danny Carey it's about finding that flow with the drum set. Matching my skills with a challenge. You can't take the primitive nature away from beating a drum but just as Henri Matisse and Picasso took painting to a new level from those markings with ochre on a stone so too have many taking the great art of drumming to new heights. I'm looking for suggestions, YouTube videos, whatever dude.

I promise I'm not a hippy. I prefer Bohemian.

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balakubak   . Aug 19 2019 05:06. Posts 151

Try drumming this in your electric drum set.

RiKD    United States. Aug 20 2019 04:19. Posts 6428

I thought it was going to be a troll but that was actually pretty cool.

I don't remember "Coming to America" at all. Saw it a long time ago when I wouldn't fully appreciate it anyway.

walterz   Indonesia. Sep 08 2019 09:31. Posts 12

the rev is my all time favourite drummer ever, he's so amazing af

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