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Crawford vs Khan (Boxing) Live

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whammbot   Belarus. Apr 21 2019 05:05. Posts 424

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PuertoRican   United States. Apr 21 2019 09:40. Posts 12005

Khan is still a name, but I stopped watching his fights a few years ago. He is just cashing paychecks now against good fighters.

I saw the low blow on Twitter. Glad I skipped the actual fight.

Rekrul is a newb 

Jelle   Belgium. Apr 24 2019 13:34. Posts 3394

when boxing is great it's great but it falls on its face so often T_T obviously didn't expect Khan to win but I didn't expect to him to just pussy out

rungvisai vs estrada could be great

canelo vs jacobs maybe

iakim322   United States. Apr 24 2019 18:48. Posts 1335

Saw the finish on replay. Amir 100% quit. Kind of a shame because it's not like he didn't have heart before. Tons of heart in his win vs Maidana way back. Guy's been a part time fighter for years now though so just cashing paychecks isn't surprising. Pretty sure everyone would too if they were in his case...knowing that you have a glass jaw even before it got absolutely shattered by Canelo


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