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Amazon paid $0 in federal income tax in 2018

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RiKD    United States. Apr 16 2019 04:24. Posts 6314

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Loco   Canada. Apr 16 2019 18:47. Posts 20422

Not only that, but they received 137 million in federal tax credits. Same story for 2017, where Amazon profited 5.6 vs 11.2 billion in 2018. (Probably mentioned in your video but didn't watch.)

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VanDerMeyde   Norway. Apr 16 2019 18:54. Posts 4991

Facebook and Macdonalds pay like 0 tax i Norway

Its tragic.


Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Apr 16 2019 22:56. Posts 9206

You guys... the biggest oil importer and refiner in my country, which is probably also the biggest company always comes out in a "loss" at the end of the fiscal year since its existence, they haven't paid a single dime in tax and there hasn't been an investigation about it, even though its all bullshit.

In those scenarios, it's not capitalism vs socialism, both systems would fail equally. What's missing is adequate regulatory and legislative measures. Do you think Bezos would be less powerful in a socialistic country ?? Lmao, you see what happened to the oil company in Venezuela and who benefits from it... its not the people, that's for sure.

I don't get the whole issue with their salaries @ workers though? Amazon s paying 15$/hr at minimum for their workers. Considering a good portion of them are doing work that requires no qualification or any particular skillset and pays much higher than other employers? I'm guessing the 15$/hr isn't exactly good for places like NY or California, but its not really something to be surprised about. I've had friends being offered 40k$ a year for mid-level service positions for a Fintech company operating out of NY, which sounds quite absurd to say the least

If you wanna have some sort of a fixed minimum salary forced upon employers, they are gonna be disincentivized to create jobs. Competition on the job market is what is driving the price of work and the government should not be involving itself in that, apart from taking care of stuff like universal healthcare. And again, 15$/hr doesn't really seem like their basic expenses aren't covered. The very fact that Amazon prefers to pay Americans to employ them even in level 1 support positions (every time i've talked to Amazon's support, it felt like I spoke to an American) rather than outsourcing it to Indians for 1$/hr says a lot. I literally can't think of another company that does that. Can't think of a single tech company, e.g. Microsoft, HP, IBM, VMware, Oracle etc. all have their supports outsourced here in Eastern Europe or India ...

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Baalim   Mexico. Apr 17 2019 01:45. Posts 33573

Proof that taxing 10 or 90% is meaningless to people who have the tool to evade taxes.

This is a failure of the IRS code, they have deliberate loopholes incentivized by corporations through lobbying, this has nothing to do with capitalism or socialism as Spitfiree said, its just the government not doing its job as always.

Also the wages paid by Amazon are fine, you dont like it, find another job, can't find another job that pays better? then thats what your labor is worth, period.

Fix the fucking tax code, stop private lobbying so that political campaigns are funded by public money and while you are at it, stop wasting trillions in mindless wars across the globe for the benefit of a few military contractors and bam... you fixed about half the problems in the US.

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