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Mikey Garcia vs Errol Spence

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whammbot   Belarus. Mar 13 2019 02:45. Posts 407

Mikey finally moving up and taking a challenge like a real fighter should. I really respect him a lot now and I feel like he's got a real chance at winning this. His head is gigantic and his body is growing into it so he should be fine.

I got Mikey taking this (as a sentimental favorite). Errol is such a technically superior boxer but Mikey has that Mexican grind, grit and power style that can really be overwhemlming at times. Size will be a problem for Mikey and Spence is just the worst guy for him to fight but the guy wants his name with the legends and this move does that. Crawford's such a huge puss and it's about time he fights guys worth a shit and stop sitting on that belt already.

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PuertoRican   United States. Mar 13 2019 04:16. Posts 11666


Early UFC card, followed by a good boxing match this Saturday.

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lucky331   . Mar 13 2019 06:15. Posts 1124

should ne good

whammbot   Belarus. Mar 13 2019 10:26. Posts 407

I like this fight. No gimmicks. No staged bs. No trash talking. The best fighting the best and both respecting each other.

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whammbot   Belarus. Mar 17 2019 02:21. Posts 407

Prelims starting

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PuertoRican   United States. Mar 17 2019 03:27. Posts 11666

I just tuned in. 7:30pm PST.


Round 7 of Spence/Garcia is about to start. I'll probably turn it off in a round or two, as the fight is boring, and Spence is going to coast to a decision.

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