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Amazing Starcraft Brood War Games Thread [Random Games]

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 24 2019 05:18. Posts 343

Post the best, most exciting games you've watched recently. Pros, Semi-Pros, even amateur ones. We all know how we love watching great brood war action.

Here's an amazing 3:3 game from an amateur. You'll see why once you watch.

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FrinkX   United States. Feb 24 2019 15:04. Posts 7490

brb watching a 27m 3v3 game

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 25 2019 02:39. Posts 343

Yo just watch it lol. 2:2 and 3:3 are fun time killers.

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 26 2019 09:25. Posts 343

Flash vs Zero (Recent Bo5 Casual but competitive Game)

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QQBET368   Indonesia. Jul 25 2019 09:10. Posts 10

--- Nuked ---

whammbot   Belarus. Jul 28 2019 23:46. Posts 343

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