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jvilla777   Australia. Sep 08 2018 04:45. Posts 1344
Hi LP,

It's been awhile since I posted, I think since AUS banned online poker.

I haven't played much since then up until the past few weeks, I've been playing a bunch of local pub poker (small buy in tourneys) just for fun. I recently wanted to do some revision on push/fold strategies and was going through ICM trainer when this hand came up.

3bb left with AKs in the bb, correct action is fold? I don't know what the math is behind this fold..

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PuertoRican   United States. Sep 08 2018 05:26. Posts 11143

Rekrul is a newb 

1d0zer   . Sep 08 2018 11:33. Posts 2

SB busting moves you up in the pay ?

SPEWTARD   Peru. Sep 11 2018 16:51. Posts 4294

icm is for poor people

Rise and Shine 

whammbot   Belarus. Sep 24 2018 02:51. Posts 198

  On September 11 2018 15:51 SPEWTARD wrote:
icm is for poor people

lmao username checks out

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