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Korea dethroned @SC2

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Defrag   Poland. Aug 06 2018 19:04. Posts 4814

Non-Korean player won GSL for the first time in XX years, amazing to see. Such a close match as well, full 7 games.

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whammbot   Belarus. Aug 07 2018 00:56. Posts 407

watched that one. Who was the first to do it before (e.g. beat koreans in an huge sc2 tourney)?

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Aug 07 2018 01:09. Posts 4660

grrr giyom won osl in 2000?

supposed to have greenstar not braceletLast edit: 07/08/2018 01:09

Daut    United States. Aug 07 2018 07:06. Posts 8902

Now do sc1.

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PuertoRican   United States. Aug 07 2018 19:38. Posts 11663

  On August 07 2018 06:06 Daut wrote:
Now do sc1.


Dethroning a Korean in Starcraft doesn't mean much to me unless it's done in Starcraft 1.

Rekrul is a newb 

dnagardi   Hungary. Aug 07 2018 19:40. Posts 1678

epic shit. truly well done.

although wish he was more camera ready... could promote esports so much better. Showed this to my GF and she aksed who is this zombie with the whiny voice....Why do in RTS games the best players have to be droids


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