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are you waiting for World Cup?

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Jacateb   . May 21 2018 10:19. Posts 1

thank you for your answer

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i dont know  

RiKD    United States. May 21 2018 16:43. Posts 4799

Not really. I will probably watch it though. World football is the only sport I still watch occasionally. 2010 I was trialing to see if I could become a professional world football better and I bet on and watched every single game of the world cup. Reading sites like zonal marking and I forget the other ones I was completely immersed in football and strategy. It was a lot of fun. Sports are a lot more fun to watch if you have bets on them. Hmmmm, what were my conclusions? Well, I was fortunate Spain won. Oh yeah, I also got obsessed with Fifa. I could no longer play the sport I loved at a high level but I could play video games at a high level. But, anyways, my conclusions were that the vig is actually quite high most of the time especially for big games. Like crazy high. You could get a lot of volume in with world football because there are a lot of leagues and games. Even though I made a lot during the World Cup that doesn't mean I could sustain it over the course of a season. I didn't really see what gave me that much of an edge besides my understanding of sports betting and strategy but I don't know the strategy of some first division team in England and most of the time the vig was too high to make any sort of profitable bet.


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