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10 years of rogan boarding not even a peep

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 12 2018 14:57. Posts 323

Rogan shut down his forums without telling anyone, what a piece of shit. lmao
Some dudes there were around for 18 years, i only got onboard during the "hey, i think ill try podcasting" phase of rogan. RIP rogan board.

Liquidpoker will outlive the internet. That is a promise.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Feb 12 2018 15:44. Posts 8742

30 years down the road it will be just Loco and Baal arguing over the definitions of words and PR doing threads about the new fighting organization between half robot humans, where the KO comes when someone's bionic head is taken off

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Feb 12 2018 15:56. Posts 4280

baal and loco will be married in 30 years time.

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Loco   Canada. Feb 12 2018 16:53. Posts 19877

  On February 12 2018 13:57 whammbot wrote:

Liquidpoker will outlive the internet. That is a promise.

Seriously, it was down earlier when I woke up and I thought it might have been shut down. I even went on TL to see if there was a news article about it.

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Raidern   Brasil. Feb 12 2018 17:21. Posts 4200

Hopefully Naz won't ever shutdown LP or TL

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whammbot   Belarus. Mar 06 2018 00:11. Posts 323

ok everybody is at now (MUWT set it up), all the rogan boarders are there. I know for sure a couple of LPers are RB members as well, I recognize the writing styles of some dudes. It's not the rogan board but everyone is back(all 2 thousand of em), the peeps also banned by rogan like anon are there too. Everyone there is pissed with rogan now and can speak freely unlike before lol

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Baalim   Mexico. Mar 08 2018 09:48. Posts 32826

  On February 12 2018 14:56 Stroggoz wrote:
baal and loco will be married in 30 years time.

he will be a beautiful bride

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