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My question

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mikebigball   United Kingdom. Jan 10 2018 10:49. Posts 1

Okay so this question has been bothering me a lot lately so I thought I would get some opinions from people that have already been through the same situation.

A background to my life at the moment.. I'm 23, I still live at home with my parents. I deferred university at the beginning of this year (nearly halfway through an information systems degree) to work at a small business for $20/hr. I really disliked university.
Current job is quite nice, very relaxed and flexible. In 5-10 years time I could see it being an above average income but putting in a lot of hours. In the last week or two I've told work that I would be cutting down to only two working days per week to focus more on poker (and potentially phase it out by years end if all goes to plan?).
I do have a car loan (~$100/week repayment).

Now poker wise, I play 2/4 and sometimes 3/6 FR with a comfortable bankroll. I just banked a 10k month last month @3.7ptbb. Also I've been getting coached (may aswell shout out to James(Dzoo), I know some people were curious who) for a month or two. I began the year with $1,000 and at NL50 FR. Play ~30-40k hands 8 tabling/month. My latest blog post has a decent wrap-up.

People who have taken the plunge, what would you recommend?
Keep working and play on the side? Go back to full hours?
Wait until I have a roll for $5/10? (1 good month away)

I'm a bit confused but I really think I could make 150k++ next year if I focused on it.

Family members know and I haven't sold them totally on the idea, but they're generally supportive of what I do. Be looking to move out sometime next year aswell.

Hopefully get some decent discussion going.

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Trav94   Canada. Jan 10 2018 11:16. Posts 1667

wtf, is it 2008 again?

lucky331   . Jan 10 2018 13:20. Posts 852

  On January 10 2018 10:16 Trav94 wrote:
wtf, is it 2008 again?

he said FR. so around 2003 - 2004.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jan 10 2018 14:08. Posts 7915

Crypto market is the new poker bro

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