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Lomachenko vs Rigo (the biggest fight nobody ever watched lol)

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 10 2017 07:44. Posts 315

I forgot to post this yesterday. 6 rounds, RIgo gave up. Loma wins again.
won the under 10 round thing. Shit fight though
Nobody in boxing right now can deal with Loma's footwork, unreal. If he were any bigger, he'd definitely give FLoyd a beating for 12 rounds.

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PuertoRican   United States. Dec 10 2017 08:05. Posts 11485

Yeah, this fight sucked. It was on during the beginning of the Swanson vs. Ortega main card.

Loma was too good, and Rigo was cheating.

Loma is in a shitty spot cuz he's so good and has nobody left to fight. He'll have to go up in weight if he wants any real competition.

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 10 2017 08:17. Posts 315

Yeah and Loma is no youngster. Too bad this guy had to do 400 amateur fights before coming to the US lol

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Jelle   Belgium. Dec 11 2017 06:28. Posts 3335

I thought lomachenko might be a little overrated and this fight would be closer than people expected

i stand corrected

whammbot   Belarus. Dec 12 2017 10:44. Posts 315

Weird thing about the guy is that he just breaks you into submission. I mean I'm he's got a boxer's punch and all but it's his insane footwork that really bewilders even boxing vets. One thing to be Prime Roy Jones or FLoyd where you use speed and evasive ability by bobbing and weaving but this guy is just on a whole other place when it's time to throw your counters - the kind that really wants boxers to think of retiring it's so sick to watch.

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Daut    United States. Dec 18 2017 23:42. Posts 8872

He's the best boxer I've ever seen, can't think of anyone who has ever been close technically to the level he is now. Obviously that's going to be the case with the best smaller/faster fighter of the current era, but still remarkable just how skilled/fast he is, that footwork is dreamy.

I know nothing about Miguel Berchelt or the top guys in the next weight class, you guys think that anyone has a decent shot vs him?

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Big_Rob_isback   United States. Dec 19 2017 05:11. Posts 196

Mikey Garcia at 135lbs would be the next big fight for him.

I think he is amazing too. However, he needs to be tested, everyone needs to be in a tough spot so we can see how they will respond.

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 20 2017 00:13. Posts 315

Mikey Garcia won't touch him, he's too slow and loads up on punches. That Broner fight (I think) was such a turn off for me. Rigo was impossible to hit when he was on, but Loma was still able to connect and that made him give up - he was getting hit but had absolutely nothing for Loma. Honestly there's no one near his level at that weight class, all the really good guys are too heavy for him though LW WW MW

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Jelle   Belgium. Dec 28 2017 06:05. Posts 3335

  On December 18 2017 22:42 Daut wrote:
you guys think that anyone has a decent shot vs him?

Honestly I don't anymore. It would have to be Garcia but if I was team Lomachenko I would start looking at making history by "most opponents retired" instead of trying to necessarily get the best guy. He's not taking any punishment so why not fight every month against whoever is the best guy he can get instead of 2x a year


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