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Bitcoin's and the future of online banking

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maxbale   Albania. Sep 26 2017 12:02. Posts 2

Hey, I've known you guys for many years. A few days ago (coincidently it now appears) I was in Singapore and my friend Genjix (whom many of you have a poor impression of because he's a little brash when he talks)... well he called me and paid for my next day flight to Amsterdam from Singapore. Last few days I've more than acquainted myself with Bitcoin.

He has the Britcoin exchange which is the Bitcoin exchange for the UK and while it has little volume the software is working perfectly. He recently gave a conference talking about Bitcoin which received tons of attention and is getting offers to make exchanges in many many countries. These new exchanges will be working under full legal status. That is not to say that the one Genjix operates now is illegal but there is no legal status regarding such a new innovation... as well as Genjix's exchange is not run for profit.

Genjix first got interested when trying to create free software for a poker client because of the feeling that rake on some sites was excessive. Disapproval by the 2P2 and LP caused him to focus on developing Bitcoin and he has added greatly to the software/movement in the last few months.

Now it is getting much publicity and Genjix is on the forefront of this, one of the few people completely knowledgeable about the code/software/market et cetera. Due to recent events there may be a stronger desire for an open source poker client to be produced.

I'm just making this thread now to let the community know and I will explain some things if there are questions although I have a lot of other bitcoin related work to do.

There should be a Time article coming out tomorrow about Bitcoin being the future of online banking, IE not having to pay transaction costs, exchange costs et cetera. It is hard to think of a world where bitcoin or an exactly similar software isn't second nature to us and it is only a matter of time before people stop paying exorbitant fees for things that should cost very little.

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