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makan18   Poland. Aug 24 2017 13:34. Posts 65
I`ve finally decided to `get along` with social media and I created a funpage. I blog on various websites so even adding new post takes considerable amount of time. I am still learning how to use facebook, hopefully in the near future I will figure out how to post in 2 languages:D

The first week playing after getting back from the Asian trip was really hard. I couldn't pull myself together, even the easiest situations caused difficulties, and tiredness was appearing after merely two hours. The problem with taking longer breaks from poker is the fact, that after the time you're away from it, you need to learn the game pretty much from scratch. Essentially, your habits begin to rust, automatisms fade away, you start to constantly question your decisions, the 'killer's instinct' is lost. What's more, a somewhat irrational worry rears its head - that maybe you lost it permanently, maybe you'll never play at the same level as before the hiatus.

In May the things started to look brighter. I got back to my optimal form. The fact that there was little variancy that month, helped a ton. Unfortunately, June took a 180 degrees turn for worse. The games were atrocious, weak players disappeared, while the number of regulars went up, the majority of whom probably migrating from P*, due to the introduction of the gift box system. I've always had a problem with staying concentrated when there's not enough action going on. Few years ago I played over 700 deals per hour, the current average is around 300, though there are days with 100-150 max. During such sessions it's incredibly difficult to focus and make myself sit in front of the screen. Additionally, June was disastrous because of my playing results, for the first time in my career I ended up with a 5-digit losses. Although according to EV I basically broke even, it's still nothing to be happy about. On top of that, I tilted a lot, too much actually. Bad run and the poor quality of games took its toll, and around 5k$ went to shit in the total speew results. " I believe whatever doesn`t kill You, simply makes you... stranger" - as the poet used to say.

No chance for return of the southern markets to the player base is quite depressing. The information that the UK might join appeared periodically, however according to the recent news, the Brits decided against it. There's nothing else to do, but to just do your own thing, and maybe do a bit research regarding the more and more popular poker rooms from the so called emerging markets.
Nonetheless, to sum it up, the first half of the year was really successful. Although I played 440 out of 500 hours planned, still it was a satisfying result. According to EV I won almost 85k$ post rakeback and it seems that reaching 150k$ profits is completely plausible. What is more, I've spent fantastic 4 weeks in Asia. I will definitely go back to that region of the world in the future.

In the beginning of June I decided to do my first travel to Las Vegas. The plan was to play at 1k$ and 3k$ events, and if the form would be fine, I'd go for the Main Event. I also wanted to sightsee a bit, as the Grand Canyon is pretty close, and it was my childhood dream, nature-wise. I will talk about how the trip went in the next post.


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Vanity definitely my favorite sin 

PoorUser    United States. Sep 13 2017 16:40. Posts 7362

holler gl

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