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King Killer Chronicles book 3

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chipsnhand   United States. Jul 02 2017 00:33. Posts 55

I'm still waiting for book 3.... oh god i'm starting to hate the author..
anyone else waiting for it or its just me.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jul 02 2017 00:46. Posts 8322

fuck Patrick Rothfuss and his twitch stream playing video games - " You guys could vote if I should stream my writing or stream how i play a video game " - no shit that people will always choose the video game, who the fuck would want to watch you writing?

and fuck him comparing himself to Frank Herbert

I'm pretty certain the guy is stuck and will never finish the series and the same goes with a song of ice and fire , except sixth book will most likely come out but I dont see him ever finishing the last one.

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chipsnhand   United States. Jul 02 2017 22:19. Posts 55

btw, R.R Martin already sold all book's rights to HBO.. no more books will be published unless HBO give a go sign.. im guessing that wont happen so.... all we can do is wait for the tv show release.

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