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ASL Team Battle Season 2

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whamm!   Albania. Jun 22 2017 08:40. Posts 11625

Here are the teams and members so far (From

Team list (99% correct)

Flash, Stork, Sea, Terror -> NeOx team. They will have BW camp training.
Flash said ' Bros, you will be deadman in camp. I will bring my baseball bat.'

Bisu, JD, Mind, Tyson -> 3Top players + 1 Gag player
Bisu said ' 4 Top players are imbalanced. We need one Gag player.'

Best , Rain, Briteney, Jangbi ->4 protoss team

Last, Shuttle, Larva, Mini -> They live in same city.
Last said ' Shuttle, you are a driving technician. This is the reason why i chose U.'

sSak, Hero, Horang2, ?

Shine, Sharp, Rush, Miso -> these 3players were Shine's ASL3 Pratice partners
Shine said ' i really appreciated these 3 mans. So i will make this team.'

Mong, Effort, Snow, Skyhigh -> ex CJ Entus

Soulkey, Organ, Guemchi, Light -> ex woongjin stars

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whamm!   Albania. Jun 22 2017 08:41. Posts 11625

4 protoss power gogogo Jangbang

PoorUser    United States. Jun 22 2017 15:36. Posts 7366

8 teams? awesome.

Moneys gotta go in here 


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