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Startoff ?

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YcMing   United Kingdom. May 09 2017 12:00. Posts 1

Hey people,

Just really want some advice really to look to play on the side but to really learn the game.

I have played in the past really was just throwing money away.

I have read the starter thread and have a good grasp of statistics.

Bit of background, I work as an actuary as I am near qualification I will start to have more free time so looking for my next challenge !

Also looking to play more more bw as I can see is making a small comeback ! Any instruction would be great too ! Like anything I need to install or server ?

So please throw any thread or books you recommend to read and routine I should follow to get better


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Ryan Neilly   United States. Jun 06 2017 20:00. Posts 1267

Download Pokersnowie, play on there for 10 days.

Work hard on your game everyday with snowie, forums, and youtube videos to start

After 10 days, deposit $1k and start at micros.

Play on 50 buy-ins+ all the way up in cashgames, and 300bi on MTT.

BR management trumps skill ITLR if you play in the right games.
Learn to avoid regulars and play most your hands vs recreational players.

Move up every time you have 40-50 buy-in for next limit.

If you lose 5 buy-in when moving up, drop down, win 10 buy-ins, and try again.

Make sure the material you study is up to date and good.

Forums are pretty outdated with no good info anymore.
Sharks gonna shark.

If you become a NL50+ Regular sign up for Doug Polks Course.
Very solid will help your game with snowie and Equilab (you can run your equity in spots here its a great program)

Theres alot of great sites like popping up, stay on the easier ones. ie. playing on Americas Card Room would be stupid when theres sites like sportsbook poker bovada intertops etc

set time limits for each session.

find how many tables you are comfortable with and stick with it.

Moving up limits faster is aggressive and can be done, but mostly only more experienced players can pull this off.
Reason is, the more experienced you are, you know what to expect at each limit and it doesn't hinder your winrate much.

Take your time,
Have fun and enjoy the great game of poker.

Dedicate yourself to (1) form of poker only.
Other forms are for recreation, you may win sometimes, but stick to your (1) form (income) almost always.

Hope this helps.
BR manage well, study on your spare time (youtube vids on phone is great for starting players) - watch people like doug polks streams, andrew neeme in las vegas so you can understand the job better, mingthemerciless @twitch so you can see the standard daily grind, Tonkaa is the best tournament player to watch. Couple others close to him.

GL on your poker Journey,
Its a business first, a game 2nd.
Be at your best, you know your opponents will be.

Good Luck.


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