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PKR going into administration

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BlizzY   Slovakia. May 06 2017 15:12. Posts 785

Just wanted to post it here since LP is offering some deals there still. I had only brief experience with the site when they moved to MPN, so I decided to give it a try, but they didn't strike me as very professional - they blocked my account in 48 hours since they couldn't verify my identity because, as they explained few days later, security team was on a holiday (lol) so I quickly withdrew. I just hope players will get paid.

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lucky331   . May 07 2017 00:45. Posts 1124

what does going into administration mean?

Silver_nz   New Zealand. May 07 2017 09:37. Posts 5638

Daym, I used to love that site back in 2010. Making bank playing 3D poker in Chiang Mai condo hotel, breaks swimming in the pool.
Those days will never come again, tears in the rain, fading opportunities

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BlizzY   Slovakia. May 07 2017 12:48. Posts 785

It is quite sad for such original site to end like this, but I think your reminiscence is exactly why they went bankrupt. They were a small standalone site with focus on recreational experience and they decided to give increased liquidity a shot on MPN with bigger playerpool, but it is something completly different to survive in big network environment, especially when they had to adapt their software and it lost all that fishy 3D friendly poker feel. Also MPN made some changes recently, which so far resulted in a dive in traffic, so that might have triggered it.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 07 2017 13:09. Posts 8670

You mean banning rake races? That only throws regs out, recs still stay, and I doubt any reg played on pkr considering offers on other sites

BlizzY   Slovakia. May 07 2017 13:40. Posts 785

Nope, they didn't ban rakeraces. They just made it so, that sites can't just pay fixed ammounts based on rake at the end of the month, instead they must organize some kind of tourney or flipament, so it is more random than just paying the most raking people and fish have some chance to score.

But the more recent change that made the playerpool dive a bit is that they changed how HHs are stored, on anon tables there is no HH anymore at all - that sucks the most - you even don't see what they had when they muck the losing hand, and also on normal tables when there is no VPIP from a player or he isn't on blind, it only shows what hand he folded and as a result it broke the HEM and PT4 format - they were not prepared or consulted at all, so they reacted by totally discontinuing MPN support for newer versions. It is a big mess altoghether, who knows if they will roll it back, because it seems even recs don't like the change much and now there is even less and less room for detecting bots and collusion.

careface_   Canada. May 07 2017 20:05. Posts 788

They were completely clueless on all aspects of poker from day 1,

There only good move was to be different with a 3D site and they ran good with that,

Site was GG when France/French market left PKR, it was downhill from there, something like 50%+++ players were French, they ran very good with that also since there is no real reason for this.

Played there 5-6 years, never had a sense they had any freaking idea they knew what they were doing, they also put a lot of energy on blackjack and casino games in the end (when they were still a independant site), also meaning they were desperate in making more money.

So many sites over the years had clueless administration and so many still do, but many sites will slowly continue to close, unless they have a reason to not really make any money, which some probably do.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 08 2017 21:46. Posts 8670

The way the poker market is going, the sites that will continue living on will either be PS or ones whose majority of profit comes from sports betting - microgaming basically lives on betsson and betsafe ( which have the same owner and both are bookies as well ), ipoker is basically bet365 now, the asian Natural8 has sports betting and while I have no clue about it, I'm guessing its a big bookie in Asia


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