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Can I still get Poker Tracker discount on here?

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PokerPackRat   Canada. Mar 05 2017 10:25. Posts 2

Hi I tried messaging mod on here for promo code but haven't gotten a response so wondering if thats still a valid offer and if not then anyone know where I can get discount on PT4 plo/holdem low stakes without registering for site now? Thanks

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Mar 05 2017 11:47. Posts 8159

oh nvm u need PT4 my bad

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PokerPackRat   Canada. Apr 04 2017 10:17. Posts 2

@Spitfiree Hmmm Maybe I should try that though

Highcard   Canada. Apr 04 2017 14:29. Posts 5415

april fools is over, no need for a pokertracker, online poker is ded

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Defrag   Poland. Apr 04 2017 17:53. Posts 4610

Rigth there, on the right side of the bar with LiquidPoker exclusive promos:

Both promotions - discount for PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 available.

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