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Identify Player Type

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OmegaTwiddle   United States. Feb 24 2017 07:38. Posts 6

Hi all,

Hoping for some advice on identifying player types in a live game (I generally play $1/$3 @ Vegas). I feel that I can not focus and put people into buckets of "NIT"/"TAG"/"LAG"/"FISH". I can identify someone with >50% VPIP pre flop, but cannot fine tune anything below 50%, and it seems like everyone plays at around 15% VPIP.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish identifying how often players are doing specific actions and how often (as well as how to remember all this info?) Just use intuition, or any training methods? Thanks in advance!

(Note - I'm hoping to use this as a way to better identify ranges that players are using to enter the game).

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dnagardi   Hungary. Feb 24 2017 09:01. Posts 1562

I've never played cg in vegas but "everyone 15% VPIP" how can that nitfest be possible in the lowest limit? can someone confirm this

DooMeR   United States. Feb 24 2017 14:12. Posts 8478

Well the ideal ways to identify peoples VPIP and player types is really showdowns in different situations. For instance if someone opens K7s in the highjack. We can make some large assumptions about him. First we should assume that unless tilted or something happened. He will atleast open most combos better than K7s in HJ or later. So when you play pots with them in the future you have to account for those combos being in their range. If someone shows down K7s in this spot and in the future on Q84r. If someone get surprised by seeing them showdown Q8 against them they need to seriously kill themselves imo. Live players hand reading abilities tend to tilt me super hard in this way. So often someone plays a hand like this and just singles out Q8 from their range just because its a "bad hand" when theyve already seen them show down a similar hand. its rly dumb. If you know its likely close to the ranges they will play you have to give it some possibility. And basically you are just constantly trying to assess what peoples ranges look like through showdowns among other ways. Another thing is mood. Some players really do operate emotionally in spots. So just a matter of seeing them showdown hands that are out of the ordinary. And then adding that to the profile. Some people will play tight in general but open almost the exact same ranges from all positions. There are some 5 10 players that 3bet the exact same range no matter if they are vs the UTG+1 raiser or the CO lol

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lucky331   . Feb 24 2017 14:23. Posts 1065

read this book. it will be cery helpful in your poker carer.

OmegaTwiddle   United States. Feb 24 2017 16:39. Posts 6

Thanks all! - very good perspective on how showdowns affect our knowledge of villain's range.

@dnagardi, they're not actually playing 15% VPIP. I'm saying I personally cannot distinguish between a 10% VPIP and a 40% VPIP, everything looking to me like 15% (and asking for advice how to do so).

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hiems   United States. Feb 24 2017 21:59. Posts 1478

You are trying too hard. People start to try too hard when they are lost in what they should be spending time on. Just pay attention at the tables. Be present in the moment, etc. Don't make something simple more confusing than what it needs to be.

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