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Brood War News, Updates, Events thread

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 13 2017 16:38. Posts 11625

All stolen from Teamliquid.

-OGN coming back to Broodwar (unconfirmed, but some korean guy posted it)
-SHieldbattery beta testing ongoing, around 300 testers using it
-Proleague by AFreeca Ro8 guys of ASL2 get to pick 2 players, 8 teams of 3 ppl, Starts Feb18 this year

A : Flash, Last, By.Sun(Rain)
B : Sea, Terror, Shuttle
C : BeSt, Light, MIsO
D : Bisu, sSak, Tyson
E : hero, EffOrt, ZerO
F : Guemchi(Iammang), Soulkey, PianO
G : Stork, free , Larva
H : Mind, Britney, Rush

Each leader = Ro8
JD = give up (because, wrist injury) ? replace Mind

Title: "Daebang ASL Team Battle" (?? ASL ? ??)
Sponsored by Park Sung Min (???) of ??? O2O, per Google, a real estate broker/startup
Prize money: ?10M (~$9k) with winners receiving ?5M (~$4.5k)

On February 03 2017 17:14 QuickStriker wrote:
Brief timeless rough translation:

(Top Section) Planned Matches:

Set 1, 2, 4, 5 are 1v1 single sets.
Set 3 is 2v2 match.
[Note: I can't really translate maps from Korean to English because map names mean differently in two languages apparently]

(Line) Each team captain will recruit 2 to total of 3 members

(Next bold line) Schedule

(Line 1) From Feb 18 to Mar 12, every Saturday/Sunday at 7 PM KST
(Line 2) Team roster will be revealed Monday, Feb 13 at "afstar1" broadcast

Round of 8 Match 1: Saturday Feb 18
Round of 8 Match 2: Sunday Feb 19
Round of 8 Match 3: Saturday Feb 25
Round of 8 Match 4: Sunday Feb 26

Round of 4 Match 1: Saturday March 4
Round of 4 Match 2: Sunday March 5
3/4 Rank Match: Saturday March 11
Finals Match: Sunday March 12

On February 03 2017 17:16 Zera wrote:
I see the maps are:
1 set: FS
2 set: Blue Storm
3 set: 2v2 Hunters
4 set: Outsider
5 set: CB

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brambolius   Netherlands. Feb 15 2017 04:58. Posts 1708



whamm!   Albania. Mar 01 2017 11:24. Posts 11625

Player revenues from Afreeca for February

1$ = 1100?, 1EUR = 1200?

Flash 1st 44,786,643? $40, 715 -- not bad

Stork 2nd 43,217,425?

Terror 3rd 37,841,804?

britney 4th 36,213,685?

JD 5th 28,279,189?

Pusan 6th 28,116,462?

sea 7th 25,715,701?

Bisu 8th 21,936,433?

Shuttle 9th 17,969,190?

Guemchi 10th 16,576,671?

Larva 11th 15,442,931?

Best 12th 14,867,770?

Hero 13th 13,578,072?

sara 14th 13,422,230?

Free 15th 13,365,593?

hiems   United States. Mar 03 2017 06:02. Posts 1498

Been listening to this girl's Starcraft piano covers for awhilee now. It doesn't get old. Theres 3 versions.

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HungarianGOD   . Mar 03 2017 08:54. Posts 448

Nice, she can actually play. Most people that post themselves playing covers of songs have mediocre skill at best; bad ears, bad tone quality, etc. She actually has good technique, phrases lines nicely, and plays in a way that tries to imitate the actual instrumentation.

YoMeR   United States. Mar 03 2017 10:01. Posts 12380

whoaa that first one impressed me a lot ;D

eZ Life. 

whamm!   Albania. Mar 26 2017 06:30. Posts 11625

starcraft HD!!! 4k UHD Motherfuckas

LAN is still available omg yes

Release Date: Summer 2017

SC:BW will become a free download
SC:R is a paid upgrade from SC:BW, with price pending
Classic Games team (an independent team) is working on this

HD support up to 4k resolution
High resolution unit models, buildings, tilesets, doodads
Upgraded audio; high fidelity sounds

Gameplay will be “precisely preserved from the original”
Muta stacking
Magic box
Same unit pathfinding
Control group limitations
“And more”

Campaign and Single Player also in HD
Enhanced storytelling with comic book style interludes

Advanced matchmaking
Enhanced ladder
Blizzard Launcher connectivity
Friends network through bnet
Cloud saving for keybindings and replays
Classic functionality for custom games and custom game lobbies
Localization in 13 languages

Support for Windows 7, 8, 10
Rebind keys
Observer mode
Other bug fixes and new features

I Love Starcraft Live

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Expiate   Bulgaria. Mar 26 2017 11:20. Posts 227

Huge news for the esport scene with that HD version!

Arirang   Canada. Mar 26 2017 11:32. Posts 1673

afaik, there are some popular priv server clusters in korea which have improved features that bnet dont provide. Maybe this will kill it all.

whamm!   Albania. Mar 26 2017 12:57. Posts 11625

here's to hoping this just consolidates the player pool instead of these small random fragmented servers we currently have

TianYuan    Korea (South). Mar 26 2017 13:54. Posts 6765

  On March 26 2017 10:32 Arirang wrote:
afaik, there are some popular priv server clusters in korea which have improved features that bnet dont provide. Maybe this will kill it all.

They are actually making Fish (the korean server you are thinking of) into an official Bnet server.

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

FrinkX   United States. Mar 26 2017 15:29. Posts 7460


bitch on a pension suck my dong 

whamm!   Albania. Mar 27 2017 02:56. Posts 11625

ability to rebind keys? this might change the field, just by a little though.
15 years of elite muscle memory vs millenial convience
This might give the BW scene a little boost as I've noticed a ton of old timers wanting to pick up the game again, hopefully some ex and bored sc2 players want to test themselves

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VanDerMeyde   Norway. Mar 27 2017 06:56. Posts 4883

Will the ladder be like in sc2 ?

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longple    Sweden. Mar 27 2017 17:17. Posts 4461



PuertoRican   United States. Mar 28 2017 05:09. Posts 11278

I'll be tuning in for SC Remastered this summer. If any of you want to join in on some Race Wars, lemme know.

If you forgot what Race Wars is:

- create an 8-player map like The Hunters or BGH
- everyone scouts each base and allies with the same race
- it ends up being a 3v3v2

It's a super fun game with friends.

Rekrul is a newb 

whamm!   Albania. Mar 28 2017 06:56. Posts 11625

I'll finally buy a registered product after all these years lol

Trav94   Canada. Mar 28 2017 07:58. Posts 1733

Fuck, I'm SO pumped for BW HD. I wanna be 16 all over again. If Fish server becomes an offical Bnet server like like Jinro says, gg for me. Spending 16 hours a day grinding to get good again.

Expiate   Bulgaria. Mar 29 2017 23:44. Posts 227

Public test realm with server in California is live. Here is the direct download.

  1.18 Patch Notes

Added windowed fullscreen or windowed mode; use Alt+Enter to switch between.
Added the option to customize keybindings.
Added cursor clamping in-game while windowed; unclamped in menus.
Added Popular Maps to streamline finding games or game types.
Added options to display actions per minute.
Added Observer mode.
Added opponent information when joining a game lobby.
Added autosaving for replays.
Added an option to display the game timer.
Added UPnP support.
Updated to a new OpenGL backend.
Improved gameplay responsiveness during multiplayer by increasing turn rate to match LAN speeds over
Improved UI layout in sections.
Improved behavior of available lobbies within the ‘Join Game’ section.
Improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.
Improved anticheat capabilities.
Improved installation and patching performance.

Bug Fixes

Fixed palette issues to correct rainbow water, 80s Kerrigan face in the loading screen, and other graphic glitches.
Fixed problems with LAN game discovery.
Fixed IME support and other menu text artifacts.
LAN and Legacy fixes.

Known Issues

The profile section is currently unavailable.
Maps using EUD memory buffer overflow will not work.

lucky331   . Mar 30 2017 00:59. Posts 1081

  On March 28 2017 05:56 whamm! wrote:
I'll finally buy a registered product after all these years lol

all that poker money for coke and no legit SCBW cd? the irony...


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