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Music Torrents

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jeremy5408   United States. Jan 20 2017 02:01. Posts 122
Hello all,

I haven't torrented in a while but couldn't find that many solid music torrents on piratebay anymore. It seem's like it has become increasingly difficult to find high quality torrents.

Could anyone recommend me a site for torrenting? I am primarily focused in music. Any private tracker invites would be appreciated.

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spets1   Australia. Jan 21 2017 06:02. Posts 2113

just get the mp3 from youtube? google youtube mp3 converter


FullBRing   Philippines. Jan 21 2017 07:15. Posts 580

Get a spotify account you cheap fuck

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jan 21 2017 16:21. Posts 8452

Yeah get spotify, I had never paid for any music pre spotify, but 5eu/month for all the music you want is the best deal ever.
Sure groups like Tool miss, but as much as i love them, they can go and fuck off with their understanding of the whole " way to listen to music " .

Loco   Canada. Jan 21 2017 19:12. Posts 19317

What.CD used to be the best private tracker for music, but it died recently. There are two big sites that seek to replace it: PassTheHeadphones and PTH is quite hard to get into, although they just started interviewing now so it's easier than before. is not too hard since they gave users a lot of invites recently. I still have a few myself, but I can only give them out to trustworthy people. If you have any sort of proof that you have used a private tracker successfully before, I could send you an invite.

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Jerry Smith   . Sep 14 2018 09:11. Posts 1

Hi, if you are a Spotify user, here I recommend you the best Spotify songs downloader for me, AudFree Spotify Music ConverterAudFree Spotify Music Converter, which is a professional software to download Spotify songs even with a free account. Besides, you can batch convert Spotify tracks to MP3, WAV, AAC or other common formats so that you can playback them on any devices you want.


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