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PartyPoker unresponsive UI question

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pluzich   . Dec 18 2016 12:56. Posts 828

Guys I cannot make PartyPoker UI work properly. I have enabled the keyboard shorcuts F1-F2-F3, but usually I have to smash them several times before the UI "accepts" the keypress.
I've tried playing around with multi-tabling settings etc. but cannot figure out whats wrong.

Any ideas?

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Defrag   Poland. Dec 18 2016 21:32. Posts 4636

Do you have the bring table to front on action set on?

pluzich   . Dec 18 2016 22:49. Posts 828

Yea. I have tried almost all the combinations of the checkboxes from the options. The problem does not go away.

Sometimes, the UI "gets" the key-click at once, other times I have to jam it 2-3-4-5 times until it works. It's pretty tilting.

The Interface they have is absolutely appalling, but the hotkey thing is probably the most annoying.


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