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Jeans question...

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whamm!   Albania. Dec 10 2016 06:31. Posts 11625

What do they call those jeans that feel like a cotton sweater but look like jeans? The ones which dont have a cuff at the bottom since I'm 44 and don't wanna look like some bald fuccboi lol. Thanks LP

Barbell jeans are one but they're too expensive, I just want to know what they're called in general so I can look up some chinese rip-off, I just need pants that feel like cottong jogging pants but look like jeans or slacks it don't matter. It's the fabric I'm after.

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AndrewSong    United States. Dec 10 2016 08:28. Posts 2340

Diesel jogg jeans

cariadon   Estonia. Dec 10 2016 10:33. Posts 4006

fuck jeans

FullBRing   Philippines. Dec 10 2016 15:46. Posts 580

  On December 10 2016 09:33 cariadon wrote:
fuck jeans

Yeah you tell'em buddy

lucky331   . Dec 12 2016 14:36. Posts 1065

whamm, you mean these?

FMLuser   Canada. Dec 12 2016 16:07. Posts 45;en-CA;men;bottoms;pants

These guys are a canadian company that makes yoga pants for girls, but they also have small mens line they make some pants that look like jeans or dress pants but are made from some kind of sweat pants/ yoga pants material. They are amazingly comfy

RiKD    United States. Dec 12 2016 20:28. Posts 5085

Check out John Elliot. He makes a lot of tailored sweatpants and jogging pants. It is going to be really expensive but I figure you can at least see what they are called or what you might like.

whamm!   Albania. Dec 13 2016 01:28. Posts 11625

Is there one thing that the fashion industry calls them? I see soft stretch, stretch, joggers are too millenial, jeggings sound gay lol, harem pants ugh
is there a universal, manlier term when i look for these things in a store?

hiems   United States. Dec 13 2016 01:41. Posts 1478


Mortensen8   Chad. Dec 13 2016 01:49. Posts 1754

Just wear trousers that shit's not gonna fool anyone besides jeans can be comfy as long as it's good quality just don't get the skinny jeans they fuck up your balls anyway.

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whamm!   Albania. Dec 13 2016 03:12. Posts 11625

Jeans are not suitable where I live, it's just too damn hot in here. Sucks to be at the equator
Damn LP you disappoint me with your un-hipstery attitude, prob going to ask this at teamliquid lol

jeremy5408   United States. Dec 13 2016 07:41. Posts 122

ive always hated the feeling of denim against my legs. god accidently falling asleep in jeans *puke. chinos all the way.

Dustin   . Oct 13 2017 13:44. Posts 5

Did you know that jeans were first made as working clothes for farmers?

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Baalim   Mexico. Oct 14 2017 10:18. Posts 32244


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whamm!   Albania. Oct 14 2017 12:14. Posts 11625

jeans with the "flex" label guys. i found it and never looked back you fucks
Old Navy

They have cheap, stretch, but regular looking jeans with no "cuffs". Feels like I'm wearing a cotton tshirt for my legs, i can even do a highkick with these badboys lol

traxamillion   United States. Oct 15 2017 07:30. Posts 10376

old navy clothes fall apart instantly though, Gap stuff probably last longer


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