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partypoker software - hotkeys unresponsive

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summerloud   . Oct 22 2016 10:56. Posts 2

i started playing on partypoker 2 days ago, and found the interface to be pretty horrible, bordering on unusable for efficient multi-tabling

apart from many smaller issues with the interface, hotkeys are extremely unresponsive for me - i often have to hit a given key multiple times in order for it to respond

im only playing 4 tables at once, running PT4 in the background, and have the exact same issue with 2 different PCs

partypoker support claims this is not a known problem - could anyone tell me if hotkeys are working normal for them?

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Defrag   Poland. Oct 24 2016 14:27. Posts 4610

Works fine for me.

Check options -> multi-tabling -> see if you have proper "pop up at action" or other option set. If you have pop up at action, but you are still taking action at previous table, then you will have to click the new one twice (one to activate, twice to take action) etc.


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