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WSOP Main Event (1.4 markup)

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AndrewSong    United States. Jul 07 2016 03:51. Posts 2340
reposting from 2p2 will give priority to LP members

Selling 40% of my action for upcoming main event.

I've played midstakes online cash since 2006 and have been playing HSNL online/live from 2009. I am competent in every form of NLH, 100bb ring games being the game I play the most. I've also spent considerable time solving 5-40bb poker as I also play push/fold variant on 888, and also to fight for seats against regs that have edge against me in HSNL 100bb tables.

Below is a graph of my online cash play for the year. My volume for the year is lacking due to moving to a new environment and sudden life changes. However, my game is sharp as I've spent more time working with piosolver and revamping my strategy than actual playing.

I have mid 6figs in trades in HSNL tranfer thread and staked over 20 mid-high stakes regs on twoplustwo. My reputation is stellar.

Standard procedure for taxes as I am an American. I will be playing on Day C regardless if I sell out or not.

I can take cash at Rio, Paypal, WF, and TD bank.

Min 5% = $700

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hiems   United States. Jul 07 2016 04:36. Posts 1495

5% cash at rio

AndrewSong    United States. Jul 07 2016 05:21. Posts 2340

hiems we're booked for 5%

I'm sold out!

PoorUser    United States. Jul 07 2016 05:27. Posts 7385


Moneys gotta go in here 

TimDawg    United States. Jul 07 2016 12:13. Posts 10176

1.4 seems quite reasonable for your action

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JohnnyBologna   United States. Jul 07 2016 17:29. Posts 1396

nice stats. 33 vpip dam lol.

sold out in less than 2 hrs wtf.

By doing a little bit at a time, a lot can be done 

casinocasino   Canada. Jul 07 2016 18:26. Posts 3329

why would you sell pieces of yourself in a 10k?

Daut    United States. Jul 07 2016 18:38. Posts 8843

I'll buy all of it for 1.6 if you want to reconsider selling at a higher price

edit: don't want you to cancel existing deals, that wouldn't be right. but if you decided to sell more or if someone backs out, ill buy for 1.6

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ClouD87   Italy. Jul 07 2016 21:45. Posts 523

How is the standard deviation so low wtf

AndrewSong    United States. Jul 07 2016 22:34. Posts 2340

Thanks for the offer daut. This is my first time selling so I felt comfortable pricing my self that's both reasonable for the buyer and myself. I think 1.4 is fair

ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Jul 08 2016 11:00. Posts 4953

Beastly. Graphs like that remind me of 2008-2009. Sick you're still posting graphs like that in 2016. I used to make $1/hand back then and now it's probably less than $0.10/hand haha -___-

AndrewSong    United States. Jul 08 2016 12:16. Posts 2340

should checkout mixgrill's pgc thread on 2p2. makes you think dream is still alive

careface_   Canada. Jul 16 2016 03:01. Posts 788

American games or world pool?

boombai   Korea (South). Nov 14 2017 16:56. Posts 1

Andrew, are you currently coaching? I came from HoldemclubTV Korea


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