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1/3 preflop limp reraise from EP.

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El_Tanque   United States. Apr 01 2016 04:06. Posts 348

Before I begin, I haven't really played poker in about 8 years. A friend of mine invited to an underground 1/3 game and I went... I would consider myself slightly above average as far as skill based on what I vaguely remember from so long ago.

There is no history as I don't know anyone at the table. On the second hand of the game in the CO position I found myself with AsQs with three limps before it got to me. I raise it to $18, and then the EP-1 reraises to $45. It folds to me. What would you do? 8 hands later the same situation with JJ... What is your next move for both hands?

Thanks everyone. It's been so long...if I have left out any vital info that you would consider, please let me know.

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Unforgiven_ve   Venezuela. Apr 01 2016 05:29. Posts 732

do the play constantly or just every now and then? His reraise is weak i think, i would call and reevaluate on flop.

please god if i win this hand...I WILL GLORIFY YOUR NAME !!! 

El_Tanque   United States. Apr 01 2016 05:53. Posts 348

I saw it a few more times that night, once from the same guy who did this to my JJ. I read online this is a move fish tend to play with AA,

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Apr 01 2016 15:19. Posts 8449

and call

traxamillion   United States. Apr 01 2016 17:21. Posts 10376

  On April 01 2016 14:19 Spitfiree wrote:
and call

DooMeR   United States. Apr 01 2016 21:52. Posts 8478

it depends how deep the stacks are. assuming 100bbs. I would pitch AQs one. and maybe call JJ depending on sizing and stacksize then. And how suspicious I was of him. Something tells me not a lot of live players in this thread..

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El_Tanque   United States. Apr 02 2016 07:41. Posts 348

Thank you all for the advice. FWIW, the two other times I played at this place (and not against these people specifically) I have seen limp reraise twice and both times were AA, but I folded preflop. I feel fold fold was good move here, but it was bugging me really bad...

traxamillion   United States. Apr 03 2016 13:13. Posts 10376

It is almost a minraise after we make it 18 and we have position. 27 to win 70+ directly and huge implied. Obv calling JJ and AQss is gonna be an okay call as well. Wouldn't mind folding AQo.

remember when you have an ace you cut his AA combos in half and if he is doing this every 2 orbits like you make it sound he can't have AA everytime

K40Cheddar   United States. Apr 06 2016 18:47. Posts 2176

Call and flop a straight on his ass


xBERNx   United States. Apr 08 2016 20:56. Posts 42

At lower stakes, with no history, and as played, I would put him on JJ+. I would say more times than not though, its AA than any other combo, My friend used to do this exact shit, and honestly I was jealous, because it would stack people at these 1-2 games.
AQs is probably the cut off for me for calling here. AQo seems like a fold, unless you have a good read otherwise.

Ryan Neilly   United States. Apr 15 2016 06:57. Posts 1254

call and re-evaluate

collegesucks   United States. May 06 2016 14:05. Posts 5780

how the fuck are you guys not asking what the stack sizes are to begin with


El_Tanque   United States. May 07 2016 04:14. Posts 348

  On May 06 2016 13:05 collegesucks wrote:
how the fuck are you guys not asking what the stack sizes are to begin with

Was like a month ago so, going from memory...

Villain 1, roughly even at $300 or so.
Villain 2, $500 to my $290 ish.


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