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winners/losers database by stake?

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DragOn_   Canada. Dec 20 2015 01:52. Posts 214

Hey guys, just wondering if there is some way to find out who the winning/losing players are at my stake (50nl zoom atm), or any stake besides just nosebleeds. I see people in forums bringing up stats or saying stuff like "x player is a solid winner here" but no idea where they get this info from. Would be nice to know, to have some perspective of what can be achieved. Or at the very least, for curiosity's sake.

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traxamillion   United States. Dec 20 2015 02:08. Posts 10343

Russian ptr?

DragOn_   Canada. Dec 20 2015 05:41. Posts 214

link? more info? I thought that only tracked high stakes, or u need a pass or smth. Google search does not show anything

goose58   United States. Dec 20 2015 10:56. Posts 869

They either bought some datamined hands from a site like pokertableratings, or they accumulated the hands playing against said opponent(s).


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