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2NL: light 3-betting the regulars

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gabl136   Slovenia. Nov 25 2015 00:58. Posts 12

I've been trying light 3-betting lately, and after some big disasters i think i've got it down. The red line is going up more quickly then before.

Graph (last 5k hands or so):

The question I have is, how far should i go? Because I don't want anyone to exploit me back.

What is the fold to 3bet% you go for when doing this?

What range of hands do you do that with?

What is the hand sample you like to have?

How many regs at the micros (specifically 2NL) do you think have Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker these days (so that they know what kind of stats I have or that they know how much I 3bet)?

Also, how much do you think light 3-betting can add to someones winrate at 2NL in the long run?


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ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Nov 26 2015 19:30. Posts 4947

Green line is only line that matters, don't obsess over doing anything JUST to make your red line higher. Poker is about making money, which does not necessarily mean winning without showdown.

DragOn_   Canada. Nov 27 2015 23:38. Posts 214

these questions are too broad, its hard to answer when you dont supply enough basic information such as positions and what you think "light 3bets" are, what your 3betting ranges are aside from the light 3bets, etc.

I would be looking to exploit people who fold to 3bets more than 60%, by expanding my 3betting range, which is already fairly balanced and does not only include QQ+ and AK type hands in the first place.

Generally I like to have a hand sample of 10 or more instances where villain gets 3bet and folds more than 60%, the more the better.

If someone thinks of themselves as a reg, they will have a hud 90%+ of the time. This is nothing that I can prove, but really theres no reason for a player that wants to improve their game would neglect such a widespread and easily accessed tool that their competition would be expected to have as well. People learning the game intending to be regs may not have a hud yet, but its only a matter of time for most people.

I have no idea how much light 3betting affects winrates, because i dont know what you consider light 3betting. But 3betting in general is extremely profitable


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