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trying to find an essay/book

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mnj   United States. Apr 24 2014 11:15. Posts 3848
it was a bunch of thought experiments that go like ....

"If one could live forever and had infinite time would you study and attempt to learn about the world with urgency or enjoy each day. On one hand you have an eternity so why not take it easy and enjoy each day. "

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Graisseux   Canada. Apr 24 2014 14:20. Posts 474

Maybe that's a start:

Cited by this guy, who then gives his own 2 cents:


mnj   United States. Apr 24 2014 14:37. Posts 3848

It wasn't very philosophical but more whimsical

dnagardi   Hungary. Apr 24 2014 16:53. Posts 1759

if u have eternity, u will pretty much do anything thats possible to do be it chilling for 1 billion years or studying quantum physics for 5

thewh00sel    United States. Apr 25 2014 17:32. Posts 2733

I know you're trying to find the essay, but with infinite time I'd probably focus a lot on astronomy and space exploration to outlive our sun's death in 5ish billion years and go from there. Unless you can't die in any way even if you're fired into space, in which case I'd become a superhero.

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russianswine   . Jun 29 2022 11:22. Posts 1

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vurna   . Oct 27 2022 11:00. Posts 124

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