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Official Book Recommendation Thread

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Nov 14 2012 01:01. Posts 9081

I've seen here and there blogs about who is reading what or people, incl. myself, asking someone to recommend books in a given genre. Looked around but there is no real books recommendation thread and I'm guessing most of us have titles to offer.

This is my personal favourite. Its a mind blowing book, althought some might consider it somewhat shallow, which i think is done on purpose. Biegbeder has a very specific style which insults the reader and yet that itself makes you go through his books.I d recomment pretty much everything written from him. He does have 4-5 books more.

A boy follows his dream - on short. Still must read. Action begins slightly before WW 1

Well. Long awaited movie s coming out so you obviously want to read this.

This is a very dark book. Ayn Rand desribes the situation in Russia very realistically and makes you think all around about any given form of government

Yes, yes.Hated by many, praised by even more - this biography will influence you no matter what.

Last but not least.
If you have only seen the movie, dont react prematurely, it was terribad and if you havent read the book id be amazed if you understand 1/2 of the ideas in it. I was very skeptical about reading this at first. But Stephen King summed it up well "A violent, jarring, speed-rap novel that generates nearly constant suspense. . . I couldn't stop reading."

Will continue later. But this is most of what made a good impression on me last couple of weeks

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c4rnage   . Nov 14 2012 02:47. Posts 409

There was a thread about books recommendations, but i couldn't find it using the search tool here.

Anyways, latetly i have read

Rendezvous with Rama
Odyssey 2001
Childhood's End

by Arthru C. Clarke

Oryx & Crake – Margaret Atwood

Foundation, Foundation & Empire - Isaac Asimov

Gonna start reading Gardens of the moon - Steven Erikson or Book of the new sun - Gene Wolfe

Basicly im basing my readings/purchases in this lists

longple    Sweden. Nov 14 2012 02:52. Posts 4470

kingpowa   France. Nov 14 2012 03:02. Posts 1525

previosu thread was :

sorry for shitty english. 

c4rnage   . Nov 14 2012 03:07. Posts 409

  On November 14 2012 01:52 longple wrote:

im being tell that is kinda about a zombie falling in love... is it true? or something like that?

[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Nov 14 2012 07:20. Posts 1582

Anything by Brandon Sanderson. Seriously ever since he took over WOT series I been checking out his stuff. He is just awesome.

Oh and The Kingkiller chronicles have been pretty awesome so far although its only 2 books.

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RaiNKhAN    United States. Nov 14 2012 08:32. Posts 4080

will take flak for this

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Kapol   Poland. Nov 14 2012 09:50. Posts 4696

BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) 

Fudyann   Netherlands. Nov 14 2012 11:21. Posts 704

Also available as ebook from various sources.

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dryath   Australia. Nov 14 2012 12:37. Posts 1317

would love any of you investors throwing out some of your recommendations on investing type knowledge books too - be it shares/property/other =)

2c0ntent   Egypt. Nov 14 2012 14:52. Posts 1387


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c4rnage   . Nov 15 2012 11:44. Posts 409

BTW i recommend buying in

Nice prices, free shipping world wide.

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Nov 15 2012 14:10. Posts 6374

ban baal 

TheHuHu3   United States. Nov 15 2012 14:19. Posts 5544

The Hunger Games books are so fucking terribad, are you serious LOL? It's written by a 7th-grader for 7th-graders.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

seemendaja   Estonia. Nov 15 2012 14:23. Posts 25

  On November 14 2012 08:50 Kapol wrote:

Just finishing it, really good.

He da man

2c0ntent   Egypt. Nov 19 2012 22:55. Posts 1387


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whamm!   Albania. Nov 19 2012 23:13. Posts 11625

  On November 14 2012 07:32 RaiNKhAN wrote:
will take flak for this

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TekxY   Mexico. Dec 18 2012 15:49. Posts 236

I'm reading "First as tragedy, then as farce" by Slavoj Zizek, very insightful and radical.

Welcome to the desert... of the Real. 

Loco   Canada. Dec 19 2012 05:08. Posts 20199

  On November 19 2012 22:13 whamm! wrote:
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Whenever I see people proudly announce that reading isn't cool I think of this:

and this:

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable. 

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Dec 19 2012 06:43. Posts 9081

gives some fucked up insight on church in its prime time ... supposedly based on a true diary


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