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TT pf vs reg

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traktor   Czech Republic. Apr 17 2012 08:11. Posts 372

Submitted by : traktor

#Game No : 11658983255
***** Hand History for Game 11658983255 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $109 USD Buy-in Trny:68649347 Level:11 Blinds-Antes 250/500 -50 - Monday, April 16, 17:17:24 EDT 2012
Table $15,000 Gtd 2585548 Table #5 Real Money
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 10/10
Seat 6: FreddieNL 3,516
Seat 3: GAWA9999 13,289
Seat 7: IBluffAllin 10,150
Seat 2: KERATAS 4,120
Seat 1: MidviPutin 5,270
Seat 5: Hero 15,900
Seat 8: aljechoo 19,693
Seat 10: denjikk 13,340
Seat 9: overbe777 12,489
Seat 4: pensionisten11 13,836
Trny:68649347 Level:11
Blinds-Antes 250/500 -50
MidviPutin posts ante [50]
KERATAS posts ante [50]
GAWA9999 posts ante [50]
pensionisten11 posts ante [50]
Hero posts ante [50]
FreddieNL posts ante [50]
IBluffAllin posts ante [50]
aljechoo posts ante [50]
overbe777 posts ante [50]
denjikk posts ante [50]

Dealt to Hero [TsTh ]
pensionisten11 raises [1,000]
Hero calls [1,000]
FreddieNL folds
IBluffAllin folds
aljechoo folds
overbe777 folds
denjikk folds
MidviPutin folds
GAWA9999 raises [2,277]
pensionisten11 calls [1,777]
Hero ???????

Hi, I used to post some midstakes cash game hands few years ago here. But I switched to trnys recently...

UTG raisor is unknown, I just flat, but I am willing to play for stacks against a squeeze. And on lower flops.
Gawa9999 on the big blind is winning reg. I know, he likes to min3bet/4bet/5bet in later stages. But in later positions or shorthanded.
There is like 7,5k in the pot already.
Do you think it is better to shove right now or play post flop in position?

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xicotaSLB   Portugal. Apr 17 2012 08:53. Posts 1124

easy ship imo, im a cash player though.

soberstone   United States. Apr 17 2012 15:35. Posts 2643

disagree, i think this is a clear flat and play passive post, folding w/ boards w/ aces or kings

Tensai176   Canada. Apr 17 2012 16:31. Posts 1018

I would ship this

soberstone   United States. Apr 17 2012 18:14. Posts 2643

actually looking at it again I think shipping is fine, I thought we were more like 20 bb deep, not 10

daysare   Poland. Apr 17 2012 22:00. Posts 670

just 3bet shove over the initial raiser. It gets too awkward to play on majority of the flops. As played I'd say fold would be fine. He should just shove 88 99(this is a mistake vs tight utg opener tho) AQ and probably AK also, so his range looks quite nutty this shallow. Shove if you feel like he's bluffing here too often but I dont think thats the case vs avg winning reg

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traxamillion   United States. Apr 18 2012 03:38. Posts 10332

i probably just instashove without some soulreads

pluzich   . Apr 18 2012 09:30. Posts 828

I think 3bet shoving over a minraise when you're 26BBs effective with people to act behind you might be wrong without specific tells. 3betting small or flatting are both probably better.

As played given the minuscule size of the 3bet I would never consider folding, just seems wrong. If you ship the initial raiser is going to fold like 90% of the time. So I like shipping over calling.

DooMeR   United States. Apr 19 2012 00:53. Posts 8476

meh i ship it in but what do i know lol

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Zep   United States. Apr 23 2012 20:37. Posts 2292

easy ship unless Gawa is tight, then it's like ffffffuuuuuuuuu

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Elles   Poland. Apr 23 2012 21:46. Posts 114

GAWA has almost same chip count as you

even if he calls with 2 overcards I would never go for coin flip in here

and most likely you are flipping or going down

jeffv8x_-_16   Belgium. Apr 24 2012 21:58. Posts 2835

  On April 23 2012 20:46 Elles wrote:
even if he calls with 2 overcards I would never go for coin flip in here

Are you Phil Hellmuth??

how can u shove the river, he cant possibly call with worse -TalentedTom 

Fujikura   United States. Apr 29 2012 16:08. Posts 1795


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Mig    United States. May 03 2012 00:14. Posts 1597

I normally would probably 3bet the initial raiser but I don't hate flatting. I think its a pretty easy shove after pens flats. He very rarely has QQ+ so he is adding a ton of dead money into the pot. Knowing that gawa is a winning reg capable of being light here definitely makes this a profitable shove, and it's most likely going to be more profitable than attempting to play a 3 way pot postflop.


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