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FTP: Acquisition a "Done Deal"

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tutz   Brasil. Mar 24 2012 23:31. Posts 2029

According to a source close to PocketFives, Group Bernard Tapie executive Laurent Tapie (pictured), who is overseeing the much-anticipated acquisition of Full Tilt Poker, has moved to Dublin, Ireland. The significance? Dublin is the site of the headquarters of Full Tilt Poker's parent company, Pocket Kings, and according to our source, Tapie is working in Dublin several days per week gearing up for a re-launch of Full Tilt. Tapie is the Managing Director of Group Bernard Tapie.

Our source echoed the latest rumblings from Wicked Chops Poker earlier this week, which indicated that Tapie's acquisition of the now-dormant Full Tilt Poker was nearing its completion. The original rumors had the deal being finalized by the end of February, although this was later delayed to March 16th and then March 23rd. Now, as the industry is closing in on the one-year anniversary of Black Friday on April 15th, one question looms large: When will Tapie complete its purchase of the assets of Full Tilt?

"They are finalizing the deal with U.S. Department of Justice, but it's a done deal," our source said about the latest news. "Tapie is getting ready to reopen Full Tilt Poker in Europe. The deal should be signed next week." Whether this information turns out to be true remains to be seen, but our source is very well connected within the online and live poker communities. Tapie is rumored to re-launch using the Full Tilt Poker brand name, although many believe Full Tilt to be too badly tarnished.

On Thursday, a second source close to the negotiations told PocketFives there was no indication whether an agreement would be signed anytime soon: "I don't want to speculate. It is anybody's guess whether it is this week or next." Then, on Friday, a separate source bluntly stated, "Nothing today."

In a thread in the Poker Sites forum, members of PocketFives were understandably growing weary of the week-by-week teases. One poster referenced the recent introduction of PokerStars Zoom Poker when trying to value of Full Tilt: "Wondering if these delays will have an impact on the value of Full Tilt? Rush Poker was a big draw for them, but now that PokerStars has Zoom Poker and it looks like Unibet, iGame, and Betsson will have their version called Fast Poker by the end of the month, could this affect how much Full Tilt is still worth?"

On TwoPlusTwo, another poster questioned, "Unless GBT gives away the world in promotions, what commercial/software advantages are they going to have? Are they going to have name pros? That hasn't worked out well for FTP1." The first go-around of Full Tilt ended in allegations of a "global Ponzi scheme" from the U.S. Government. In addition, 19 pros, including the likes of Phil Ivey and Mike Matusow, allegedly owe $16.5 million to the room.

The rumored purchase would see the U.S. Department of Justice pay back American players, while Tapie would be responsible for refunding users from the rest of the world. How long the repayment process will take has not been announced.

We'll keep you posted on the latest developments right here on PocketFives.

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curtinsea   United States. Mar 25 2012 00:37. Posts 576

I wonder if you Euros will have your balances restored, or be at 0.00 with an IOU

tomorrow, for sure 

Maynard!   United States. Mar 25 2012 00:51. Posts 4453

would be nice. I miss poker so much. I am so fucking broke without it.

Now I really am a busto. Thanks FTP. 

whamm!   Albania. Mar 25 2012 01:27. Posts 11625

good luck to you guys! this might be the one.

suited_mess   Poland. Mar 25 2012 05:12. Posts 93

"Tapie is getting ready to reopen Full Tilt Poker in Europe. The deal should be signed next week." , yep, two weeks ago they were saying same s***, and source was also legit? Lawyer from Tapie group, cmoon, stop posting these rumours, it is not funny anymore. Now they think/or know that releasing this bull**** is giving them some adventage, i cannot see the reason. Tapie must be a moron thinking that he can bring the traffic back as at old FTP, just sayin, maybe his wife or someone else will finally tell him, that this is not the best idea for bussines. Just sayin, i do not have much locked there, but still culd make a use of it, for event or two... so IDe roHwad , bless ya all!


FullBRing   Philippines. Mar 25 2012 10:45. Posts 579

yeah you seem really well informed indeed. DO you think that a guys who is able to put so much money on the line dont really think about that. My god seriously just pray if you have money there and wait. nothing else to say

suited_mess   Poland. Mar 25 2012 14:01. Posts 93

dont have to pray on cause that is well known from beginning, even if they will start on some day... doubt that funds are going to be released. I think everyone rememmber about plot on shares for the players - as a payment form, joke on that, bad feeling, but first they will launch, then they will accept only deposits, then... black hole, we will receive thousands of new posts from Tapie group on " how we are working on repayments..." this week, nex one, nope next moht ok guys cooming soon...


RaiNKhAN    United States. Mar 25 2012 15:16. Posts 4080

done deal who gives a flying fuck how about actually forking over money

The biggest Rockets, Sixers, and Grizzlies fan you will ever meet! 

Carthac   United States. Mar 25 2012 15:37. Posts 1343

  On March 25 2012 14:16 RaiNKhAN wrote:
done deal who gives a flying fuck how about actually forking over money

Forking over money? Is this a Pie Howard reference?

thrust123   France. Mar 25 2012 16:29. Posts 346

  On March 24 2012 23:51 Maynard! wrote:
would be nice. I miss poker so much. I am so fucking broke without it.

i remember a blog article where you told you were quitting

are you planning on playing again?

 Last edit: 25/03/2012 16:39

Maynard!   United States. Mar 25 2012 17:38. Posts 4453

Na I never was quitting completely. Just not making it my focus. Am I planning on playing again? No. I can't. I live in US.

Now I really am a busto. Thanks FTP.Last edit: 25/03/2012 17:39

Twisted    Netherlands. Mar 25 2012 17:48. Posts 10422

Gogo Tapie.

YoMeR   United States. Mar 25 2012 18:21. Posts 12369

  On March 25 2012 16:48 Twisted wrote:
Gogo Tapie.

eZ Life. 

Raidern   Brasil. Mar 25 2012 20:40. Posts 4160

I'm hopeful that they will announce something soon.

im a regular at nl5 


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