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WikiLeaks: Bin Laden's corpse not dumped at sea

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Raidern   Brasil. Mar 07 2012 07:41. Posts 4160

  The body of Osama Bin Laden was NOT buried at sea, according to sensational new leaked emails.

The former Al-Qaeda leader was said by US officials to have been buried at an undisclosed location in the Arabian sea.

But according to leaked emails published by WikiLeaks his corpse was actually flown to a morgue in the US.

Bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALS in a raid on his Pakistan hideaway in May last year.

Official reports said his corpse was flown to the USS Carl Vinson within hours, wrapped in a sheet and "eased" into the water, in accordance with Muslim tradition.

But internal emails from intelligence service Stratfor suggest a very different picture.

On the day of Bin Laden's killing, Stratfor vice president for intelligence Fred Burton apparently wrote: "Body bound for Dover, DE on CIA plane. Than (sic) onward to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Bethesda."

A later email from Burton read: "If body dumped at sea, which I doubt, the touch is very Adolph Eichman like. The Tribe did the same thing with the Nazi's ashes. We would want to photograph, DNA, fingerprint, etc.

"His body is a crime scene and I don't see the FBI not DOJ letting that happen."

Eichman was one of the Nazi masterminds of the Holocaust. He was captured, tried in Israel and then executed in 1962. His body was cremated and the ashes scattered at sea.

Bin Laden lived with his family in his £600,000 fortress for six years without the Pakistani government knowing.

The raid at the three-story building took just 40 minutes, during which time five people were killed.

A quick google research will show several other sources.
I obv don't know if this news is true, but dumping his corpse "was" so fucking weird. It was obvious that sooner or later conspiracy theories would come up.

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devon06atX   Canada. Mar 07 2012 08:42. Posts 5381

That piece of shit house he lived in cost 600,000? Damn. Gotta invest in some cheap real estate in Pakistan.

From all the research/documentaries I've seen and read, it's starting to look a lot like some people within the Pakistani government definitely knew (and helped hide him, etc.) but it wasn't official. AKA - wtf ever

sniderstyle   United States. Mar 07 2012 09:23. Posts 2042

This is one of those lies that I believed necause I leveled myself into thinking its true.

"There's no possibly way they would lie about something that seems like such an obvious lie."

Guess a fish is always a fish, GO USA.

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dogmeat   Czech Republic. Mar 07 2012 09:39. Posts 6374

ban baal 

SleepyHead   . Mar 07 2012 09:52. Posts 842

It's probably true but this is just some guy giving his opinion right?

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Bigbobm   United States. Mar 07 2012 10:11. Posts 5490

Wiki leaks typically isn't just some guy. It's probably emails or documentation as proof rather than an opinion

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palak   United States. Mar 07 2012 12:42. Posts 4601

...old news is old...someone posted this in the leaks thread last week. The emails claiming he wasnt buried at sea are just one mans opinion of what he thought happened. His logic of "the doj and fbi wouldnt allow that" is absurd since Obama does stuff the doj doesnt like all the time. The emails arnt evidence of anything except some ppl didnt like the initial story.

  On March 07 2012 09:11 Bigbobm wrote:
Wiki leaks typically isn't just some guy. It's probably emails or documentation as proof rather than an opinion

No it literally is just one mans opinion with mo evidence what-so-ever

I have never understood what exactly is fishy about dumping the body at sea. They took DNA and photographs of the body. There is no use for it after that. They arnt going to give it to anyone, they dont need to figure out how he died. Just corpse, samples, pictures, get rid of. Why keep the damn thing and fly it to Delaware? What possibly do they still need it for after they IDed it.

Also of note that the emails say on route to delware followed by "should be here by now" as if he was expecting it to arrive and never did.

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palak   United States. Mar 07 2012 13:07. Posts 4601

Further they have or claim to have photos of his as he was being buried at sea which r the ones they thought about releasing to the public. If anyone in govt cared bout the conspiracy theyd release them, but they dont give a shit bout it. More interesting imo is that Sabu is alleged to have planned and paid off Stratfor employees for the hacking intel and emails in nov/dec...the whole time being monitored and controlled by the fbi. I mean come on, fbi informat leads hack on group fbi doest like, obtains 5 million emails, and then gives the material to a news organization the fbi doesnt like. So much more interesting imo.

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