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Officially Losing Player @ 4NL

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Tensai176   Canada. Feb 29 2012 15:02. Posts 1018
After 10k hands I found out that I am a losing player @ 4NL.

Feels bad man, I was a break-even 25NL player for a long time before I decided to get better and be honest with myself.

That's when I started to grind 4NL even though I'm rolled for 10NL or 16NL on stars, but I wanted to crush at least 1 limit first. But here we are... I definitely played looser than I'm used to running at 22/18 so there's definitely ALOT of spew and leaks.

I have to work on emotional issues, auto-piloting issues, not getting frustrated when i constantly get min 3-bet, stop 4-bet bluffing, stop tilting and get better psychologically.

Gotta also work on fundamentals, properly adjusting and plugging up leaks/spew.

2NL here I come... feels bad bro =[.

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dnagardi   Hungary. Feb 29 2012 15:22. Posts 1510

its just sad for poker in general when you play 22/18 and cant beat nl4...

3 years ago when i started i played like 20/18 and didnt even know what i was doing and still crushed that limit

also for the record that is pretty small sample

waga   United Kingdom. Feb 29 2012 15:28. Posts 2375

1) 10k hands means shit
2) 22/18 is probably a bit too loose at this limit with this rake
3) Don't bluff people who don't have the fold button , don't 4bet light , play IP , value bet thin , they don't fold.

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Feb 29 2012 15:29. Posts 8584

is this on hero?

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2c0ntent   Egypt. Feb 29 2012 15:49. Posts 1387


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hording   Sweden. Feb 29 2012 16:27. Posts 474

This is a really low samplesize though, like 2-3 days of grinding 6 tables?

Matador0106   Brasil. Feb 29 2012 16:41. Posts 13

try tighting up your game, do the basics, dont play fancy.

SolarM   Germany. Feb 29 2012 21:45. Posts 533

Must feel bad bro... Don't move down to the lowest limit, you'll get better, come on.

HerroRara   Canada. Mar 01 2012 01:46. Posts 168

The lower stake you play, the worse the rake is(this is because the rake is capped). In other words, the lower the stake, the higher the winrate or bb/100 you need to have in order to be breakeven.

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