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My venture back into online poker

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Carthac   United States. Feb 27 2012 21:30. Posts 1343
Hello everybody. Since Black Friday hit, I stopped playing online poker all together. Switched more to live play and had success, but given the size of my BR, I could not grind like I did micros. Games are incredibly soft, but you still need a proper sized BR to handle variance, and I am a huge BR nit so I like more buy-ins than the standard. With the recent litigation in America not going through, and the rumor being there will not be anything done with online poker until 2013, I decided to just start from scratch back at NL10 with a moderate amount of money that I could afford losing. I just truly love the game of poker, and want to keep playing/learning as much as possible. I don't fully expect to get this money back as the U.S. market is shady at best, but I am getting my online game back together. Before Black Friday, I was learning NL50 and beginning to get the hang of everything. Oh ya, I want my money back Howard(please die)

Here is my graph of all the hands I played so far, with comments on my play during the various sessions.

I hope to continue on, perhaps building a roll to tackle NL50 again. However, I am also weary of having that much money on a site that is not guaranteed to give me the money back. One poker roll has been enough for me to lose, especially when it made up a significant amount of money to me. I figured this time around I would only keep around 20 BI for the stake in case the money in seized for whatever reason. NL10 and NL25 should not be a problem for me once I finish making the fine adjustments to my game again.

Thanks for reading Oh, and please die Howard

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AndrewSong    United States. Feb 27 2012 22:00. Posts 2336

Best blog I've seen in a while

Tensai176   Canada. Feb 27 2012 23:03. Posts 1018

^ I too enjoyed this blog even though I withdrew my roll blah blah

xicotaSLB   Portugal. Feb 28 2012 06:52. Posts 1124

pm me if you want to discuss some hands :d i am now playing at nl25 from nl10/16, i usually play only deep tables but i guess im going to change to zoom poker which is 100bbs deep i guess, i also played at ftp and i was playing nl50 rush just like you ^^ lost my roll so fuck that DIE HOWARD!


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