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How to obtain rakeback from Hero Poker

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Carthac   United States. Feb 17 2012 00:41. Posts 1343
Did a google search, did not come up with much of anything as far as rakeback deals. Nothing here on LP. Figured maybe some of you guys could help me out.

What is the best way to go about getting rakeback on Hero Poker?

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Target-x17   Canada. Feb 17 2012 02:22. Posts 1027

You cant but they have a good system I raked like 4k and got pretty good rb% from there vip program

f u bw rock 

Defrag   Poland. Feb 17 2012 06:22. Posts 4627

It's no longer possible to have direct rakeback account on HeroPoker, only VIP system. If you have further questions you can always pm HeroPoker-CEO on this site, this is their manager who takes care of players here.

If you still register it would be nice if you could click on our banner (or this link), as the source of registration doesnt matter to player, but plays a huge favor for us. Thanks!


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